Ordering Wedding Flowers for Decoration….How to do it Effective Way?


So, you are engaged now and started to plan your wedding. It is a high time to give importance to every minute detail which is necessary to make your arrangement perfect. Let’s talk about one the important aspect in wedding, what kind of flowers are to be used and how to accommodate it in the allocated budget. Here are few tips for getting gorgeous blooms without breaking the wedding budget.

  • Picking seasonal Flowers

It is one of the most important to be kept in mind while ordering wedding blooms because if you order seasonal flowers, it will always cost less compared to unseasonal flowers. For instance, in spring season tulips are one of the most economical and there are countless varieties in it. It is also possible to use sunflowers in fall season and berries are great for winter, giving your wedding perfect look.

  • Buy green

Various types of beautiful greenery like tropical foliage, sword fern and many more are also available to add finesse to your style of your arrangements without disturbing your budget.

  • Simplify your choice

Another important way to spend less on flowers is by simplifying your choice. For examples, by buying a bouquet composed of a different type of blossom such as cheaper herbs and blooms which add less to your budget and keep it in the allocated estimate.



  • Using Glass Vessels

By using glass vases filled with gems and two or three blooms in it will reduce your wedding flower and give it an elegant look.

  • Multitasking

Another way of reducing the wedding flowers cost can be using the flowers in the ceremony and then transferring them to the reception with a different look and style.

  • Illuminating the occasion

Another useful manner to save the cost on flowers can be using the candles along with other designer items cast elegant warmth to the whole wedding function and adds distinctive look to it.

  • Thanks Giving

You can always give guests flowers as gifts and save a lot on wedding favors and it’s a unique way for loved ones to cherish your celebration for lifetime.



  • Trust your Vendor/Florist

After selecting your favorite florist, you must share the style, likings, colors, style, your and then wait for what your florist can do. It is very vital to trust your floral designers and give them every available space to make the event memorable and fabulous. You have to trust your vendor and when you tell them that you love their work, it makes them happy and they will go above and beyond to make your special day fantastic in every way possible.

To conclude, hope my above mentioned points will certainly help you in ordering your wedding flowers in best possible manner. Cheers!

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