Wedding Invitations – Mirror of Culture & Ethnicity

scroll wedding cards

Wedding invitation cards always mirror image the traditional culture and ethics pertaining to a particular religion. It never misleads or misguides on this particular aspect as every community has its own distinctive traditions and ceremonies be it Hindu or Christian religion. Marriage is regarded as the most important event or occasion in one’s life and given utmost respect in all the communities of world. Diversity is evident in all the countries and this characteristic makes every country beautiful in its sphere.

Marriage is truly a grand celebration and it is considered as the most special and memorable occasion that unites two beautiful souls for a lifelong. Such a majestic event takes place amidst the presence of close friends, family members and other invited guests. In all the customs, selecting a wedding invitation card based upon the marriage theme and requirement is given utmost sincerity and importance.

The best medium to invite the guests and close friends is through marriage invitation cards.  The invitations are designed with lot of creativity in terms of designs; colors and even paper which differ according to the communities all across the globe. The artistic designs with perfect color combination always stand out and make the occasion unforgettable. The wedding invitation cards are symbol of prestige and status in every religion and community.  Let’s discuss some features which show the ethnic and cultural values in marriage invitation card:-

Designs in the card: The beautiful designs studded with precious stones and other valuable items like tassels, ribbons along with symbols like lord Ganesha denote Hindu wedding invitation card. A card designed in green color and having symbols of moon or star denote Muslim wedding invitation card. A card having Punjabi wordings along with yellow color denotes Sikh wedding invitation card. A card in south Indian language and symbols like Lord Tirupati denotes South Indian wedding invitation card.

Hindu wedding cards

Colors in the card: In Hindu traditions colors like yellow, red and orange are used in invitation card and in Muslim community green color is used in a marriage invitation card. At the same time in Sikh wedding invitation card, yellow color is given prominence.

Wordings in the card: The invitation wordings in cards also differ from community to community. For instance, in Sikh wedding card wordings in Punjabi language are used. In Muslim wedding card religious poems and Urdu language wordings are used to denote their festivity or celebration.

So, it shows how wedding invitation cards reveal or mirror image culture & ethnicity all across the globe.