The once in a lifetime occasion of Hindu Weddings are a perfect blend of love, grace, color, rituals, customs, feelings and a lifetime commitment. Therefore, everyone tries to make sure that it becomes the most memorable day for themselves and their wedding guests. In this pursuit, choosing the precise theme for your Hindu weddings seems almost a priority, which eventually helps in deciding the perfect wedding venue, perfect Marriage invitation, lip smacking wedding menu and rest other details.  Some prefer the popular themes while the others try to find the latest one. If you are also looking for some exciting Hindu wedding themes for your kind of Hindu wedding then, here are few themes that you would love.

The Rajasthani Wedding Theme

Rajasthani Wedding Theme - IndianWeddingCards
It is generally one of the most preferred wedding themes with the fact that the Rajasthani culture is extremely colorful and cheerful. Choosing a wedding venue in Jaipur or Udaipur simply adds the perfect flavour to these weddings. Decoration normally includes colorful umbrellas, puppets, pinwheels while, lac bangles, bandhani dupatta, traditional jootis are the complementary benefits. While the delicious Rajasthani cuisines gratify the wedding guests, the guest appearance of Elephants and camels sets the royal charm in these weddings. The Hindu Wedding Cards of these weddings are generally too colorful.

The Vintage Wedding Theme

Vintage Hindu Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

The vintage weddings are one of the most sought after theme for Hindu weddings. The choice of pale colours, antique mirror frames, candles, bird cages and pearl details make them one of the eye-catching wedding themes. Finding a bit rustic location for these weddings make them more amazing. In the recent time, the vintage theme is infused with a little twist like using Indian desserts in a different style and adding floral patterns on the bird cages. Along with this, floral walls and mirrored decorations and centerpieces filled with imported hydrangeas and peonies sets the mood right for Vintage themed Hindu Weddings. Choosing the perfect Hindu cards for these weddings depends on personal preference.

The Indoor Garden Wedding Theme

Indoor Garden Wedding Theme - IndianWeddingCards
Bring the garden in. Yes, this Hindu wedding theme is centralised around the beautiful gardens. This theme suits the summer season more, however, this theme is utilised in other wedding seasons as well. The selection of wedding venue is not very difficult for this theme as any location with or without natural beauty will be perfect. The place is generally decorated in green colour with large green trees, hanging votive candles, green hanging chandeliers, and the green colour on the walls. Adding lot of green dishes in the menu also sets the right tone of these weddings. And for the perfect Marriage Invitation, you already know what color to look for.

The Bold Boho Wedding Theme

Bold Boho Hindu Wedding Theme - IndianWeddingCards
The theme is popular from quite some time, however; it is no longer a Bollywood retro style. The Boho theme is now infused with more artisan and couture. Quirky prints, marigolds, bold hues, old-school kettles, postered walls, glass separators, aviators in the dress code and a lot more is added in this wedding theme. The food of such weddings also includes a variety of blends and flavors. Selecting bold and quirky printed Hindu wedding invitations is the trendiest for these weddings.

The Soft Pastel Inspired Wedding Theme

Soft Color Pallete Hindu Wedding Theme - IndianWeddingCards
The latest in the world of wedding themes is indeed the soft pastel inspired Hindu weddings. In 2016, Pantone has declared two soft colors as the colors of the year. This implies that the world of weddings will also be influenced. And, the serenity blue and baby pink shade will add the elegance and romance in your dream wedding. However, the use of other soft hues can add dreamier and fairy-tale like aura to your wedding. The Hindu wedding Invitation cards of such weddings can be inspired with eye-soothing soft pastels.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Theme

Eco Friendly Hindu Wedding Theme - IndianWeddingCards

The whole world is talking about Eco-friendly things and thus, this trend in Hindu wedding is too prominent. Choosing simple, minimum, classy and elegant decoration for weddings is most appreciated these days. In short it could be defined as balancing the opulence with elegance. Using one single kind of flower for decoration along with the plain sofa and simple lights is the latest trend. Keeping sober menu for dinner is also appreciated. And, the Wedding Invitation for such weddings has to be kept quite simple and elegant.

DIY Wedding Theme

Creative Hindu Wedding Theme - IndianWeddingCards

There are lot of Hindu Wedding themes in the market but, creating one unique theme can really create wonder in your wedding. You can blend two wedding themes for creating your own theme or you can use your own creativity for inventing the most perfect theme for your wedding. Once you invent your own unique wedding theme, you can use the customization tool to create the perfect Marriage Invitation.


Choose the appropriate theme for your Hindu wedding and just make your ‘Big day’ memorable.