Since the medieval period, Hindu wedding is considered as a sacred ceremony wherein the use of colors has special significance. It not only creates a perfect ambiance for the event but also adds grace to the matrimonial ceremony. Hindu people are known for celebrating wedding function with a lot of colors, but red color has distinctive significance in Hindu wedding ceremony.

In Hindu religious Vedas, red color has special mention and denotes purity and holiness. At the same time, red color is the most traditional color of Hindu weddings because without it the whole function is incomplete. The red color is believed to bring good luck to the matrimonial ceremony. It is also the most favored color in Hindu weddings, and when it comes to spiritualism and purity, red color has no rival.

Have a look on the various aspects which show the relevance of red color in Hindu wedding.

Red colored Sindoor & Tilak-In Hindu wedding ceremony, the head of the bridegroom is smeared with red colored tilak in order to bring beginning the wedding ceremony. On the other hand during the process of wedding, the bridegroom applies red colored sindoor on the forehead of the bride which signifies that she is married. It is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to the family. So, it can be said that red color carries utmost significance in Hindu culture.

Wedding Invitation cards– It is a known fact that wedding invitation cards carry special significance in Hindu wedding. The red colored Hindu wedding invitation cards set the celebratory tone; red color is the most preferred color in designing the wedding invitation cards. It plays an important role during the designing of wedding invitations. Well, there are different shades of red color which give an elegant and traditional look to the wedding ceremony. So, it is advisable that the bride and groom choose red color for their perfect wedding celebration.

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Red colored bridal wedding dress– As you all know; brides love red color and always prefer this color for preparing their wedding attire. Whether the bride is wearing a lehenga or a ghagra or a sari, the color red is always her first choice. So, it can be said that red color wedding dress gives a beautiful look to Indian bride, and she never forgets this color and special day.

So, from the above mentioned points it can be said that red color is considered as a holy color in Hindu religion and is most frequently used for the auspicious occasions, especially function like marriages.