How to prepare a beautiful Hindu wedding invitation Card?

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Everyone wants to celebrate their wedding function in a grand manner and wants the same for their marriage invitation card. The invitation cards mark the commencement of the celebration and communicate to the guests about the remarkable occasion you have arranged or planned. It is also known fact that in Hindu weddings these days are going through lot of experiments because various new concepts have come in terms of catering, decoration, invitation card and many more. Many bride and groom follow a particular theme for the entire marriage.

Have a look at the below mentioned tips for preparing a beautiful Hindu wedding card –

Always follow the wedding theme –

The online wedding card websites have offered various theme based marriage cards like classic, royal and many more. It makes easier for the bride and the groom to select the invitations according to the occasion and matches your celebration. But it is vital to decide the wedding theme before you select the wedding invitation card.

You must make a decision for type of invitation you want –

As you all know various types of wedding invitations are available in the market and you have to choose the design and color which will match your wedding. It is imperative to choose the card after consulting with your family members and friends.

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Motif or design is also vital-

You will find a broad collection of designs to choose from. But the design must match with the type of color you select. It must also match with your traditions used in your community. These can make the plain rectangular/square cards look modern and playful. But keep in mind that your budget increase with the kind of variations you prefer. Also, symbols play an important part of the Hindu marriage card. You can look at incorporating them in the most unique styles.

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Content or wordings –

Generally, the Hindu wedding cards include verses from the Vedas and also contain the details of the occasion to be held. It is also possible for you to get creative with the way you want to convey your feelings to the guests, make sure the details of the event are mentioned in simple and clear words. In case the venue is at a place that most of your guests wouldn’t know, include a map with landmarks to help them reach easily. Nowadays, the bride and groom prefer to use wordings which give emotional appeal to the guests to attend the function.