Highly Desirable Hindu wedding cards

It is believed and said by all the people across the globe that “The first impression is the last” and in every Wedding whether it is traditional or modern, each family who is going to have marriage in their house seeks to bring best invitations, and through these invitations they try to make the best first impression in the minds of the invited guests. Since ancient times, marriage cards reflect the moral values, class, religious beliefs and pride of the family which is going to celebrate this big day.

hindu wedding cards

For instance, in Hindu Wedding the importance of invitations is very high and considered as the best medium to invite the guests.

It not only gives the basic information about the whole event but also acts to create the first impression about the whole ceremony. In Hindu Invitation cards, symbol of Lord Ganesha is the universal element because his ‘prowess’ as a harbinger of auspiciousness and his glory makes the whole event holy and very successful.

The other elements like the wordings, paper quality, fonts, designs and colors define the choice of the family and the look of the card define the traditions followed by the Hindu community as a whole. The country India has unique diversity and various religions which influence each other and the designs or fonts used in one are also used in another. For instance, the fonts used in Christian wedding cards are also used in the Hindu invitations which show how religion has influenced the behavior of invitation cards. At the same time, the concept of creative folding and rich embroidery which are seen in Muslim wedding cards are now can be found in many Hindu invitation cards.

hindu wedding invitations

With technological advancement and change in mindset of today’s generation has learn to accept and absorb the rich heritage acquired through time in order to make cards which are impeccable and outstanding. The printing of invitation cards has also transformed from old methods to new ones which include hot foil stamping, embossing and many more as it gives new redefined look to the invitation cards.

Generally, the price of the marriage invitation is determined on the basis of the complexity and skill required to make them as it acts as the medium to invite the guests. The invitations can be bough from local shops and as well as from various online vendor who offer wide variety of designs and colors to suit your requirement. So, the significance of Hindu wedding cards is immense and selecting them is treated as the first step in planning the wedding event.

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