At the point when taking a look at wedding welcomes, you ought to realize that there are four common kinds of printing ways -all have their cons and pros. Here is a more intensive look at what each one is and what actually the difference is:

1. Digital/Flat : Digital and Flat are surely not 100% same, they have the similar effect, so we can categorize them together.

i. Flat printing is basically where the ink is laid level on the paper. A paper plate or metal is designed from a white and black picture with a laser printer and is delicately covered with ink. The printer will utilize a press function to put the ink onto your wedding invitations.

ii. Digital printing permits you to utilize shade ink, and utilization a computerized printer to make the pictures. The print quality is like flat printing. It considers various color choices, more representation on the invites, and ink exposure to the edge of the paper.

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You see a great deal of computerized printing today with the less customary and more new or modern invitations. Both digital and flat printing is less expensive than the below mentioned printing techniques!

2. Thermography :This is a prominent kind of printing today. This procedure reenacts engraving, however keeps the price of the wedding card much lower. Thermography begins with level printing, keeping in mind the ink is still wet, is secured with a light powder. The powdering is then warmed with the goal that it climbs. The drawback – Classic engraving gives a more strong impact and make cards more visible.

3. Engraving :This is a formal printing process…your cards might be printed in the same way as paper in the 1700s. In it, the utilization of copper plates gives a distinctive look to the invites. It drives the paper to rise marginally where the press is on the front. You can feel each of the letters on both sides- -raised on one side, indented on the other.

Indian wedding cards

4. Letter Press :This type of printing is much older compared to engraving. Even the Gutenberg Bible was printed in this type of printing style. It actually went out of fashion for quite a few years, but again it is gaining immense popularity as more and more couples are getting printed their invites in Letter press style. It is considered as very time consuming and regarded as one of the most expensive style of printing for wedding invitation cards.

We at Indianweddingcards are employing all types of modern printing techniques to fulfill the requirement of our customers all across the globe. We also have embossing, flocking, raised silk screen printing, hot foil stamping, and laser cuttings, to give a new many-sided look to invitation cards. You can contact our customer support team, which is online 24/7 to assist you in any query related to printing of wedding invites.