Helpful Tips for a Wonderful Destination based Wedding

Hindu wedding cards

Hope you have gone through my earlier post on tips for destination based wedding. To have more insights on the same, you can scroll down…

Legality or Perfect age for Marriage – Before planning a wedding in a particular location or destination in a particular country always understand the legalities of getting married of that location. Sometimes it attracts additional fees, residency requirements or other hidden cost. If you have a wedding planner available at your destination or location confirm and gather all the relevant info about the legality issues. By utilizing their knowledge it will always help in eliminating the last minute hiccup in the special day celebration.  The wedding planners are a great resource and save you from a potential headache towards the ending.

Hire a wedding planner- You will always need an expert’s help while planning a destination marriage. He or she is the one who knows or understand all the pros and cons of that particular location. It is always better to be in safe hands and select the particular location wisely before the big day.  Many resorts across the globe have planners whom they can recommend to you to plan the whole ceremony.

You can also talk to other brides for referrals and collect their experience with that particular wedding planner. Always make sure you hire a fantastic planner who work for you and make everything go smoothly as per your requirement.

hindu wedding cards

Discount or Negotiation- Always venture out and visit few wedding planning agencies for destination based marriage. Collect the quotations from every agency you visit and compare it with the others. Always look for the facilities available with the prices. It helps in determining the best planner for your big day. For brides and grooms, marriage is the most memorable day in their life. So choose wisely and what suits you the best. Never shy to ask for any kind of bonuses you can get if you bring a group or refer a friend too.  It never hurts to ask for it!

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Wedding Food Menu – It is very important to select food menu keeping in mind your tradition or type of food your family prefers. It is necessary to give this factor special attention, as it might be possible you may not get the availability of the food you and guests look forward too. So, make sure you give special instructions to the wedding planning agency to design and prepare the food as per your choice.

Wedding Invitation Card– Last but not the least is to select a wedding invitation card which matches your theme i.e. destination be it beach or even a desert.

To conclude, I hope my insights on the destination wedding will enable you to have a wonderful destination marriage. Cheers!