Wedding story of “John” & “Michelle”….

wedding couple

John and Michelle met for the first time in December, 2012 and their relationship started in February 2013. At that time John was working as lecturer of digital arts and Michelle was training to be a gallery manager at the same university.  They met and their paths crossed first time when Michelle was working on a gallery which required some art design and it was directed to John’s department for advice.

Gradually, after that first meeting John asked Michelle out for a coffee but she was little reluctant. Later on, after asking her one close friend Julia who knew John very well, she agreed to go out with him. After months of dating Michelle took some time to pluck up the courage to ask John “Will you marry me” and she did not stopped until he ‘caved in’! Very soon whole university came to know about their engagement and after three months their wedding was announced.

John and Michelle decided to have a Roman Catholic ceremony in Verona Cathedral, which was suggested to John by his Uncle Sam. Michelle ordered her wedding dress which she had seen in a bridal magazine which she got from her close friend Nicole, who recently got married. She was very happy to see her wedding dress in the store and ordered it immediately by giving the deposit.  Michelle also bought her shoes and cuff along with a birdcage which she saw on a bridal forum. The bride John wore a blue suit with bow and leather shoes.


The bride Michelle and groom John ordered hydrangeas as they look elegant and had blue-white shade. Both John and Michelle had no clue about their wedding cake and did not know what their cake would be before the marriage but they trusted their caterers to astonish and amaze them!  And their expectation turned out to be great when they saw the beautiful chocolate coolant cake, a chocolate cake which is filled with gooey chocolate which tastes yummy.

The wedding photographer was Michael, who John contacted after seeing the pictures from a friend’s wedding and Michael delighted both of them with his photos, and took pictures for timeless collection.  Michelle asked for some pictures to be taken will dancing on the wedding venue. After exchanging the vows, all the guests moved for the reception which was held at a traditional house in Verona.  Michelle chose the venue as it was very beautiful and was decorated with flowers and paintings. The whole ceremony was attended by eighty guests. Both bride and groom received many good reviews from their friends on the venue and food. It was a wonderful wedding to be remembered for lifetime.