What are the different categories in Indian wedding invitation cards?

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Various types of unique and beautiful Indian wedding invitation cards are now available in various designs and are in immense demand these days. It is true fact that wedding cards are the matter of honor and pride for many families all across the globe. Many bride and groom select classic designs and send these beautifully designed invitations to their family members and friend’s far away. Nowadays, marriage ceremonies are planned in a grand manner. These wedding ceremonies have their own religious and cultural significance. It is advisable to plan and print the wedding invitations at least 5 to 6 weeks before the wedding function.

Well, there are two ways by which wedding cards can be designed and printed. The first method is selecting and printing the invitation from a stationery shop and this is a very old method whereas you can also select wedding invitation cards from various online stores which offer a wide range of wedding invites in different colors and designs. It is vital to buy cards from specialists because traditional Indian wedding cards are dipped in religious and cultural value. It is a known fact that nobody can design and create Indian wedding cards better than those who have plentiful experience in doing it.

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Indian wedding invitations may be divided into various broad types:-

Hindu wedding invitations: In Hindu culture, special significance is given to colors, styles and designs for preparing a wedding invitation card. In fact, conventional designs, dynamic colors and rich decoration are essential and undeliverable part of Hindu wedding invitations.

Scroll wedding invitations: Since the medieval period, these wedding cards are very popular because these were used by the kings and members of the royal family to send their important messages. Nowadays, the bride and groom are selecting these cards to give a royal look to their wedding ceremony.

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Designer invitation cards: Since the marriage is dipped in old practices and customs, it’s just natural that many people are buying designer invitation cards. Here, the wedding invitation is designed to add grace to the whole wedding ceremony. These types of cards are also available with matching add-on cards like RSVP cards, Menu cards etc.

Hence, while selecting the wedding invitation design, it is necessary to arrive at the correct words and present these words wonderfully. Indian wedding invitations typically mention the lineage of the bride as well as the bridegroom. So, for beautiful Indian wedding cards you can visit www.indianweddingcards.com .