Indian wedding cards, Indian wedding invitations

Wedding function is an extraordinary pride and respect for the couples, as well as for the families. Exceptional attention is given to choose a card that superbly mixes with the society and custom of the family which is hosting the function. The material used in addition to perfectly created words can improve the magnificence of the invitation card. The bride and groom select attractive colors and send these beautifully printed cards to friends and family members.

Wedding invitation can be prepared and printed in mainly two ways. The primary alternative is to approach a wedding invitation printing organization, and finish the printing from them. The other choice can be selecting wedding invitations from online wedding card portal or website. Selecting card from online portals is advantageous because they give delivery of cards all across the globe.

You will discover a mixed bag of traditional as well as contemporary cards which are simply astounding. It is imperative to check the samples first because the previous work of the will give you an idea about how this particular website designs Indian wedding cards. So, always select a vendor who has ample experience in designing these types of cards in both contemporary and traditional look.

iwc Indian wedding cards, Indian wedding invitations

Have a look at the Indian wedding invitation cards which can be divided into a variety of categories:

Diverse styles, shades and outlines, are favored by individuals of distinctive communities. In this way, there is a wide mixed variety of invitations for the Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Christian Wedding function. In the case of a Sikh wedding event more importance is given to religious symbols. This community prepares card mostly in yellow color as it is considered sacred. While in the case of a Muslim wedding, green color is given utmost importance and are designed keeping in mind their rules and traditions.

iwc Indian wedding cards, Indian wedding invitations, wedding cards

The Sikh wedding is also known as Anand Karaj, and it is performed during the day time in a Gurudwara. In the case of Hindu wedding, red color carries more importance and cards are designed mostly in this color. When it comes to Muslim culture, Nikaah or Valima cards are prepared by putting religious images, verses and symbols as per their tradition and custom.

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