Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding day for a couple goes like a joyful blur but, the thing that lives on is indeed wedding photographs. This fact makes it quintessential to get some of the best shots for a lifetime memory. Currently, various wedding photography ideas are ruling the cyberspace but, most of them will demand too much from your pocket. However, our photography tips and locations will be affordable enough for you to rock!

Get Ready Shots

Who don’t want to look great on their big day? When you are doing so much to look your elegant best, it becomes quite mandate to get some exclusive shots during that time. Ask your photographer to be present in your room when you are getting ready. Make sure that your room is fully arranged, decorated and well-lit.


Inside The Car

Wedding pictures inside the car can be highly romantic and sensuous. You can get some mind-blowing clicks if you use the interiors of car wisely. If you can arrange a vintage car, you will be amazed to see the heights of creativity that could be imbibed in your pictures.


Jute Weaved Cot

Have you ever sat on a jute woven cot? If yes then, you should definitely follow these most amazing wedding photography tips. Arrange two cots and two glasses of your wedding drink to get some nice shots. You can be highly creative to get the most fabulous shots for your wedding memory.

High Rooftop

Rooftop serves as the best location for the wedding photography ideas. If you are able to find the highest rooftop for your wedding photo shot, it would be just amazing. It will give you some remarkably amazing photographs.


Railway Track

So you are looking for a classy and jazzy picture for your wedding. Get your pictures clicked on a railway track. You can ask your photographer to use the wedding photography tips that suggest the start of a new journey of life.



Do we really need to tell you why? Gardens are beautiful and they are full of beautiful flowers and greenery which can give you the nicest and best clicks. You can be extra innovative by adding some colourful props too. The right pose and style could fetch you some sizzling shots.


Crossing The Road

Cross roads are the latest addition in wedding photography ideas. You can use a cross road for your wedding photo-shoot. Pictures with Held hands while crossing the road will suggest that you will cross all the obstacles together in life going forth.


Once you get all these sizzling pictures, don’t forget to share with us!!