What are the different types of Papers available for wedding invitation cards?

When you decide to plan out your big day, everything must go in a smooth flow or hand-in-hand. It is a known fact that everything starts with the selection and ordering of your wedding invitation cards. You desire to demonstrate that you are honored and excited to share this extraordinary occasion with your loved ones. At the same time, you also want to share the wonderful feeling of combining your life with somebody who is very special and going to be your future wife or husband. Due to this reason, you desire to get the best thing for your wedding celebration. It can be the best wedding dress or the best paper material for making the invites for your special day. There are various kinds of wedding card papers that you can select relying upon your instinct, liking and theme related to your wedding ceremony.

Here are some of the regularly used wedding card papers that you can use along with the design selected by you. In the event that you are with a pre-made choice or utilizing the services of an online wedding card portal than having knowledge about these different types of papers can be very useful. At the same time, it will enable you to make the right decision while selecting the right one for your special day.

1. Glassine is delicate wax paper that is most excellent when used in envelopes because such kind of papers have a gleaming surface.
2. You can likewise use handmade papers which are made from natural fibers, for example, hemp, plant fibers and cotton. Suck kind of papers have surfaces, which are uneven and rough and are suitable for specific type of designs.
3. You can use reused papers, newsprint and industrial papers, which are normally utilized, but have a very rough surface.

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4. If you are searching for a paper, which is screen printed and provides an illusion of deep layering, for example, with lace or crochet, than Jacquard is the kind of wedding paper you will desire to use for your wedding invite.
5. Another option for envelopes is Mylar. This can also be used for wedding invites because it has a metallic as well as shiny look.
6. You can also choose Marbled paper, which resembles a true marble.
7. Another type is parchment paper, which is exceptionally popular in various countries for making wedding invitation cards.

Whatever type of paper you choose for making and sending your wedding invitation cards, you must always choose a wedding card paper that will act as a souvenir for all the years to come. You must take out time to select the right design along with the appropriate paper type because these invites share your feelings with your friends and family members. If you’re searching for more information about the papers, you can browse our website- IndianWeddingCards. Our in-house designers will listen to your requirements and will make sure you get the best expert help.