How to create a Perfect wedding day timeline?

Your marriage is most likely going to be quite an emotional affair both for you and your fiance. Hence, getting all the events related to your wedding day timeline mentioned in a paper can give everyone involved lots of time to make everything correct in all respects. At the same time, you get peace of mind along with freedom to put all your attention on “special moments” that are more important rather than having tension.


From where to begin your marriage doing list

Indicating all your important events

Sit with your partner and discuss about what events (non-traditional and traditional) would you both like to include. It is important to consider all the things that replicate your family traditions and personalities.


Scheduling food service

It is highly important to start the day by having a healthy breakfast. It is a known fact that most of the couples forget to think about food their wedding day and that might make you dizzy.

Make up some time for possible delays

It is vital to add some extra time for speeches, photos and makeup & hair, photos, as many time delays are possible due to incorrect planning of the whole process.

Save time from going out

You can ask the beauty specialist to come to your place rather than going to him or her. It is most important to save time and stress that might arise due to traveling from your place to the salon.

Hire a marriage day coordinator

This might cost, but it can be helpful in case you are going to have a big fat wedding celebration. This will allow minimizing your stress, as you can allocate the extra work to him or her.

How to create your wedding timeline

Make a decision early about what kind of wedding you desire- By creating your own personalized wedding timeline can help you in discovering what occasion will practically fit into your marriage day. If you have something very significant then it will assist you deciding what will come next and what not to include in your schedule.


Try to download a sample marriage day timeline schedule- You must know that every wedding function is unique and based on the type of location as well as a venue you select. So, you can download a sample wedding timeline schedule to get an idea about it and can create a one of your events.

Always begin the timeline from the end

The wedding venue might be an ending time along with the fee paid to book it, so the best plan for your day can be by starting from the end with working backwards.

Make a ‘Master Timeline’

It is highly necessary that you include all the vendors along with their stop/ start time. You must also include all the details related to your travel time and bridal party plans. It is necessary to keep in mind to add some extra time of 15 to 20 minutes everywhere to keep some buffer time in case of any problem. You must give this Master Timeline to all your vendors to make them understand the timeline.

Make a secondary timeline for other individuals- After the completion of your master timeline, then try to make a 2nd version of your party along with other important information.

Last but not the least, making a wedding timeline will give you a lot of confidence as things will happen very easily and systematically.