When you talk about tradition, luxury, and class in a fabric, nothing could beat the elegance of velvet. This classic cloth is a sassy choice for party details and hence, lot of people have started incorporating velvet in their wedding details. Right from the vintage wedding ceremonies to elegant contemporary wedding ceremonies, this fun fabric is making appearance in all kind of weddings in bright deep hues and rich stance. If you want to use it too for your wedding, here are 10 sassy ways to use velvet in the wedding details.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridal bouquet

Smooth and luxurious, velvet fabric instantly elevates any look and you can incorporate the delicate touches of this beautiful fabric in the bridesmaid dresses. With matching accessories, they would definitely look whimsical.

The Bride’s Shoe

Using velvet in wedding details could sometime turn too flashy. To avoid this and use it in the minimalistic manner possible, the brides can wear velvet shoes and this would be an ideal idea to use velvet in the wedding details.

Velvet Invitations

Velvet wedding invitations

Scroll wedding invitationsCSC-5005G

One trend that is taking the whole wedding market with a rage is velvet invitations. The velvet invitation liner and velvet ribbon are readily available during your online wedding invitations shopping and this would impress your guests.

Velvet Bags

velvet wedding bags

Well, this velvet wedding idea could either start your wedding ceremony on a fun note or end your wedding ceremony on a fun note. Choice is completely yours. With this cute and fun little velvet bag, you can hand over welcome goodies to your guests or send them off with useful favour in it.

The Ring Boxes

wedding ring box

Wedding rings are the most celebrated thing on any wedding and hence, it deserves really special attention and what could be better than a velvet ring box.

Velvet Blazer for Groomsmen

velvet blazer for groom

If the brides and grooms do not want to go that little extra, they can ask their bridesmaids and groomsmen to do this. The groomsmen can dress themselves in velvet blazers and trust us, this velvet blazer would only elevate their look.

Velvet Headpiece

velvet headpiece

Velvet headpieces are seriously in trend and they can elevate anyone’s look. The brides while wearing their traditional wedding dress can add all the glam and show by wearing colourful velvet headpiece.

The Bridal Bouquet

velevet wedding bouquet

It is one the sweet and simple idea to incorporate velvet in the wedding and you can try it too. You don’t have to do much about it. Simply purchase a velvet bow while doing online wedding invitations shopping and tie it around the bridal bouquet.

Red Velvet Cake

velvet-wedding-cake ideas

Is it just the name that emphasis that you should use velvet in your wedding? Well, no. It’s the smoothness and deliciousness of this seriously tasty cake that make it ideal to fit in the velvet wedding ideas.

The Reception Table

Velevet wedding reception table

Although velvet seems too expensive to work as table runner, you can still add little hint of velvet in your wedding reception tables. Decorate your centrepieces with velvet bow and add a little hint of velvet in your table runners to make things really magical.

We know that you are seriously impressed with our amazing ideas to incorporate velvet in wedding but, we are sure that you are creative too. Please share all your innovative ideas to make your wedding special with the use of velvet.