It is a known fact that managing a wedding budget is not an easy task. Wedding involves a huge amount of money which might increase as the big day celebration comes near. According to a recent survey, the amount of money spend on wedding ceremony is increasing day by and the question “how much money is needed to be spend on Wedding for perfect celebration” will echo in your ears and heart. Truly, the answer to this question is very difficult to answer, so it becomes necessary to plan your wedding budget keeping in mind your status because it is your hard earned money.

It is not at all wise to take a debt for marriage with an intention to show off before the family members and friends. So, with this intention nowadays all the brides and grooms have become more cautious and wisely spend their money on matrimonial ceremony. Therefore, the old feeling of taking debt and celebrating the occasion is fading away. Now, every bride and groom uses the money more cautiously by making sure the guests and they get the most out of it.  For instance, a groom can buy his suit by spending few dollars which he can wear for many years rather paying $100 for a rented suit which he can wear for one day. For instance, couples can spend more money in dinner and drinks rather spending more on venue decor.

So, as a bride and groom you have to understand some basics while preparing your marriage budget because you must get what you invest. Well, to arrive at the magical number i.e. ideal amount to be spent for wedding celebration is by looking into the savings you have along with the contributions from your parents and friends.

Therefore, after arriving at the magical number from the calculation, you have to make the categories which need special attention. After preparing the categories you have to figure out where and how much you are going to spend in each category. You can also take the advice from your elder family members or friends in order to arrive at the right figure without any hassle. To conclude, I can say that while planning your wedding budget you must know your spending limit because it will disturb your day to expenses and will create a hole in your pocket. So, spend wisely on the most important event of your life.