wedding planning

William and I met in 2008. We both were theater actors at that time, performing in a show called ‘Love and Life’ at Road show Theater. Very soon we realized that we had a lot in common; a love for theater, animals, movies, traveling and photography. Our close friendship was known to all our friends. We use to discuss scripts of the plays till midnight every day after the work.

Our dedication made us popular among the producers and director of the play. Our on-screen chemistry got us many accolades all across the west Sussex city. My friends always said we look great as a couple and I felt the same way but, William was reluctant to admit the same, as for him work and getting a famous actor was on priority. But, in 2010 for the first time we went out of country for an international play, he also realized we have lot in common and made for each other.

Our play was a great success and eventually after one month we announced our engagement and wedding. We never thought our reel life chemistry will match our real life chemistry but we were wrong and the bond between us became stronger. He proposed me with a beautiful ring and a red rose. He knew I love red roses and can’t resist them. I always knew William was a great planner, so we decided as a couple that William will look into all the arrangements related to wedding celebration. I will decide on my dress and appearance for the big day.

nice couple

William suggested me the name of “The Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula”, a beautiful church on the outskirts of West Sussex. For the first time when I went to see the location I fall in love with this place. It was surrounded by the beautiful gardens having lot of fountains. I agreed with William and the venue was set.

I always use to give my insights to William on how to go about the whole venue decoration and reception place. I always had a soft corner for roses and daffodils. So, I asked William to hire a local florist known for decoration in roses and daffodils. We also had to decide on the reception venue and I suggested The Garden Museum, beautiful place I use to visit during my childhood and still I cherish the moments I spend there. Our love story……