Impressive Wedding of “William” and “Catherine”………….

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Friends, lets continue with the ending part of memorable wedding of William & Catherine….Our love story was becoming popular day by day among our friends, as the date of marriage was coming closer. My smile and happiness knew no boundaries whenever I saw William, I loved him so much. We decided the reception place also and hired a local florist famous for rose and daffodil decoration. We hired a 1930’s Beaufort, from Sheriff Limousines, and a double Decker coach to transport the guests and relatives to the wedding venue and reception place.

The venue was set but we missed an important thing the wedding cake. But Richard, close friend of William surprised us with the wedding cake baked by his mother. He was also the best man for the wedding.

The cake consisted of five layers were a variety of cupcakes in three different sizes and two different flavors vanilla and raspberry. The top of the cupcakes was decorated with the cream made from chocolate. On top of this layer was a beautiful birdcage which was decorated with lovely flowers. All layers of the cake were decorated with the same flowers as the ceremony and the tables.

Indian wedding

The centerpieces were designed and decorated as per the theme of the special day. The photographer was Ben from Modern Weddings, who was recommended to William by a friend Kristen, who did the make-up and hair for the bridesmaid’s. At time of guest reviews for the whole special day, we received praise for five things, which were- the Venue, the catering service, the scenery, the whole atmosphere of the wedding and the cupcakes with the beautiful birdcage.

We were so happy that we picked “The Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula” as nothing else would have came this close. William ordered the best booze available in town. We enjoyed the whole event with lots of fun and glee, the reception was followed with the dance and singing from William’s friends. It was an unforgettable evening which we will treasure all lifelong.