7 Vintage Wedding Traditions That Should Make A Comeback

Everyone wants to have a wedding full of all the wedding traditions but, incorporating everything makes the wedding quite fussy that’s why some wedding cultures and traditions become outdated and unfashionable at times. However, there are some Vintage wedding cultures and traditions that should definitely need to make a comeback and everyone will simply love it.

Tying the Knot

In modern times, tying the knot simply means just getting married but back in olden days, it literally meant tying the knot. In this beautiful ritual the bride and groom used a beautiful ribbon or fabric strips to tie the knot around their hands. If this ritual is incorporated in your wedding, everyone will go ‘Awe with admiration’.

Tying the knot Tradition

Tying the knot Culture

Mum’s Wedding Dress

Agreed that there are various beautiful and gorgeous wedding dresses available in the market and you cannot resist them but trust us, nothing could be compared to your mum’s wedding dress.  Wearing mum’s wedding dress was quite a wedding tradition long back and bringing it back could be truly special and vintage.

Mother's Wedding Dress - Vintage Wedding Dress

Mother's Vintage Wedding Dress

Charm Inside the Cake

Do you want to know why vintage wedding cultures were cute? Well, you need to look at this one for sure. This wedding culture dates back to Victorian times and it is just super cute. A little charm along with ribbon was placed in the wedding cakes. There was ceremony called cake pull in which couple used to pull out the charm from the cake before the actual cake cutting.

Charm for wedding cake

Cake Pulls Tradition

Cake Pulls Culture

Not Seeing Each Other

Ok, this may sound bad to you but, it is really not. In olden days, the couple was not allowed to see each other before the wedding ceremony. This wedding tradition increases the excitement between you two and you would simply love the concept once you apply it your wedding. It will completely increase your emotional quotient for each other.

Writing Letters

As per this wedding tradition, bride and groom used to write love letters to each other on the night before their wedding. These letters were supposed to be open on their first anniversary only.

Bride and Groom Writing Letters

Bride Groom Reading Letters

Car Decoration for Grand Exit

With changing wedding culture, every minute details have changed in the wedding even the exit from the wedding venue. Earlier, the couple used to make a grand exit in decorated cars, but  the time has changed and everyone prefers a simple exit. Bringing back the tradition of car decoration and grand exit will simply be a delight to watch for the guests and you to feel.

Car Decration for Grand Exit

Month-long Honeymoon

Busy life, career and lot of responsibilities make it quite difficult for the couple to spend a lot of time on honeymoon but, it is very much important. There was a time when this vintage wedding culture was quite prevalent worldwide. Spending long time on honeymoon lets you and your partner know each other better and it is very essential for a happy married life.


If you feel there is any other wedding culture that should come back, don’t forget to share that with us.