Pandemic has changed the course of action and the way we used to live our lives. From small functions to large-scale gatherings like weddings, everything has been affected severally.But after waiting for almost 2 years, it’s time for the wedding boom. The time when we celebrate our special day with all our wedding guests.

Post Covid Weddings

In a survey conducted by the Wedding Report, the year 2021 will witness a surge of 6,50,000 weddings across the United States. It will bring the total number of weddings to 2.77 million, which were 2.12 million weddings in a pre-covid world.

In another survey by October Brides, it has been revealed that 82% of couples said that living through the pandemic has accelerated the urge to get married so that they can face a situation as one.

Even the professionals from the industry are elated that there is a surge in the wedding boom, and it will surely light up the economy of the industry.

Industry Experts Have to Say Something on Wedding Boom

The Farmers – a professional wedding photography couple – is happy that the wedding boom is on, and now they are preparing for the wedding to return in full force.

Wedding Boom Dealers Can't handle

For the coming wedding season, Marni Farmer says, “Everybody’s excited to get back to work. Things were pretty bleak there for a while.

The last half of the year is going to be insane because everyone is still trying to get married this year, even in winter our weather is pretty mild, we’re booked through the end of the year.”

Another wedding photographer from California, Stacey Adamas is also excited about the wedding booms. She is happy that her calendar is filling up at a rapid speed.

She said that the pandemic has allowed him to experiment with more intimate projects such as creative portraits. Stacy Adams also said, “I look forward to work again in the fast-paced, high-energy wedding environment.

I’m not a nature photographer, I’m a people photographer—and weddings are these celebrations of people, it was really hard not to do that for a year.”

Wedding Boom Brings Elation for Industry Experts

With the wedding boom on the surge, various stakeholders and wedding industry experts (caterers, reception venues, wedding dress designers, etc.) are extremely elated for the forthcoming time.

Not only wedding experts are excited about the wedding boom but also couples are elated for their upcoming nuptials. Brady Edwards and Lexey Blakeley, a couple, have postponed their weddings because of a pandemic are happy that finally, their wedding time is here.

Edward said, “This was really a capturing of ‘we’ve been waiting for so long and we didn’t think we were ever going to have this ceremony, but we finally made it. On having their wedding ceremonies with close friends and family, Blakley said,

“This was at the peak of everything, so we ended up just putting the safety of our elderly loved ones over spending time with everybody. We realized the regulations at the time for the venue we would have all had to wear masks and be 6 feet apart, so it wouldn’t have been the same intimate relationship and celebration you’d get at a wedding”, added Edwards.

Couples, Excitement, and The Wedding Boom

Now, as things gradually getting normal, couples have started preparing for their weddings in 2021. There are lots of things that couples need to take care of, such as wedding invitations, wedding dresses, florist, caterer, etc.

Keeping the momentum of the wedding boom high, Blakley said, “We’re having it at the same venue, our bridesmaids and groomsmen will be there, we’re still gonna have a little dance party after.” She is also super excited to have her original guests at their wedding party.

Michelle Demaree, the owner of Miss Diamond Ring throws some light on the current situation where couples are levering the wedding boom situation and excitedly buying engagement rings.

Demaree said, “This year has been the ultimate test of a relationship, so I’ve seen couples who come to me for an engagement ring and say, ‘Well, if we still love and respect each other after being cooped up together during the worst nine months of our lives, then we know he or she was the one.”

On high demand of the engagement ring during wedding boom, she said, “I have experienced 20% increase in engaged couples contacting her about purchasing engagement and wedding rings since the pandemic began.

I have seen some couples that have met during the pandemic and haven’t known each other that long, but who are getting engaged now.”

Wedding Boom and The Number of Guests To Invite

Jennifer Pak, the director of Sales and events at the Hilton Long Beach wedding venue is excited that the hotel is widely open now after a furlough, and it is again available for the people.

The staff in the hotel is elated by the arrival of guests, irrespective of the fewer numbers.

The Farmers – a professional wedding photography couple – shared their experience on the size of wedding they have been part of.

According to them on average weddings in 2021 have 50 guests, which were quite less as compared to pre-pandemic time, when the number of guests was 150-200.

The Post-Pandemic Wedding Boom Is Hitting Hard

How Couples Are Planning To Keep Momentum High During Wedding Boom?

According to a survey, conducted by The Knot, more than 7600 couples in the last year have either postponed their weddings/reception or have canceled the nuptial for some time, due to the outbreak of a pandemic.

But this year, it would be different. Wedding Boom is here, and the brides who have tied the knot at Zoom weddings last year, even they are planning to exchange their vows with their friends and family.

Another bride Laura on postponing her wedding said that she is all set to celebrate her special day after a year of wait. “As the fourth sibling in my family and the last to get married.

I thought no one would attend my wedding when it was my turn, but now everyone is super excited. On the availability of wedding resources Laura said, “Fortunately, the photographer, the videographer, everyone else was available.”