Love has finally found a new language in the form of wedding ring tattoo. Gorgeous as hell, these wedding tattoos speak the unspeakable to your better half in absolute swag.  Call it an art or call it a means of expression, there is no better way other than these tattoos rings to express your undying love towards your beloved on the day of the wedding.


Gone are the days when wedding rings were the only means to showcase the commitment of couples for each other. With growing modernity, it has been replaced by beautiful wedding ring tattoos. See, the point is weddings are often once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us & hence, it should be made special by all means. In fact, being creative and expressing their love to their partners in one way or the other is pretty much in trend & wedding ring tattoo idea is one such creativity.

love wedding tattoo

Some of you must be wondering, is it just the creativity or something else. Well, the wedding rings which are worn by the couple often cost thousands of dollars based on the material and quality they are made of and the cheap yet classy alternative to these expensive stuff is indeed wedding ring tattoo. Moreover, they signify love and dedication of both the partners towards each other along with the lifetime commitment of staying together.

arrow with wheel

The best idea among all the wedding ring tattoo idea is to wear matching tattoos that complement each other and are not complete without each other. These are perfect and they define unity in utter silence and sophisticated style.

love sign tattoo on fingers

Infinity sign matching wedding tattoo

Such incredible tattoos are not only popular because they are of great aesthetic value, but they also cost-effective and also there is no fear regarding losing them as it stays “forever”. In addition to that, people can have them inked at any time, not necessarily on the wedding day. Getting wedding ring tattoo on the wedding day seems a different approach yet it is a classic option.

forever love wedding tatttoo

Tattoos done in simple wedding bands with the name, hearts with arrows or initials of the couple inked on them. The design may be more ornate and fancy. They can also be borne as a sign of respect and love of a spouse who they are getting married to. Since these designs look beautiful as well as each of them has different meanings, there has been a great rise in the popularity of these designs in recent times. It’s sure to have matching tattoos with your loved ones. People around the globe love to have these tattoos inked instead of wearing rings as they prove to be a much more pocket-friendly option.

Heart with arrow sign wedding tattoo

couples initials wedding tattoo

The best thing about these tattoos is that one can create their own and special designs. The wide variety of designs that one can find meaningful or characteristic to the type of love one shares with spouse. Sometimes the possibilities of designs for couple tattoos are virtually unlimited. But one can get inspired with the existing designs & the lovebirds that are planning to get tattoo can get creative & transpose bits of their feelings through these tattoos.

wedding portrait wedding tattoo

portrait wedding tattoos

Out of all. The kings and queens are the most popular but they are not the only designs. There are other options too which can replace traditional wedding rings.

King and queen wedding tattoo

Among the complex tattoo designs, the portrait designs not only look cool, but they also mean a lot more. Some other design elements can be featured in a wedding ring tattoo, which may include hearts, stars, other signs of togetherness.

wedding ring tattoo sign

Infinity Hearts wedding Couple Tattoo

Those who are hopelessly romantic should go for hearts & arrows & a cartoon of a boy giving heart to a girl. Nowadays, there comes a variety of range of couple tattoos exclusively made for a husband and wife for wedding occasions.

wedding sign tattoo on wrist

Arrow sign wedding tattoo

The side of the forearm is also a nice place to get tattooed. A heart with an arrow piercing it reminds of a Cupid. The arrow that pierces the heart is placed half on his body and a half on her. So is the pierced heart. Their design only makes sense when they hug each other. When inked in fingers they are placed side by side, emphasizing the idea of completion. Easy and attractive and it stands for together we are one. It’s a fun designing and those who are ready to tie the knot can go for this one!  It depicts that couples often feel they complete each other & they make each other better by bringing out best & worst in each other. This wedding tattoo design is a good idea has a beautiful meaning.  It’s present to cherish forever. These tattoos enable the couple to always carry the memories of the wedding with them. In the past few decades, the craze of traditional wedding customs among the people are coming down, rather people are opting for the trending tattoos.

heart tattoo on wrist

Forearm wedding tattoos

lock & key wedding tattoos

So, In conclusion, getting a tattoo as a wedding ring is special because you can have it forever. Marriages are supposed to last a lifetime just like your tattoos. Wedding ring tattoos have its own beauty the only negative aspect is only if one is getting separated in future. Hence, one should choose your love wisely just as one chooses their tattoos wisely. One can bring the best and the worse in the other. It’s said that “love lasts forever”, but these tiny works of art also lasts for a long time. This way one can seal the deal of commitment with their spouse.

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