How to plan out a wonderful themed wedding in the year 2014?

Many couples are choosing themed weddings all across the world because it not only makes it unique as well as impeccable. Now you can find looser vintage-inspired to ultra-detailed Hunger Games-themed wedding all around the globe. So, are you getting married soon and looking for a theme that will make your wedding –unique then you must have a look at the below mentioned tips, which are as follows:-

Themed Wedding

Choose a Theme– You can always find different kinds of the most popular themes, which you can use for your wedding function. You and your fiancé can always brainstorm about places and meaningful hobbies that can make your wedding –extraordinary. It does not matter how absurd your theme may be, always remember that your marriage is about you and your life partner and it must reflect who you are as a couple and as individuals.

Select an amusing and fitting wedding location Now more and more couples are personalizing their weddings and for which they look out for various wedding venue choices. You can choose renovated gas stations, amusement parks, boats, golf resorts, hotels and many more.

Themed Wedding Venue

Opt for unique wedding invitation cards– Noting can suit a themed wedding as much as an exceptional invitation. Nothing signals. Whether you desire an informal wedding with a traditional twist or a formal ceremony with splendidly wacky experience, then you have to choose your wedding invitation based on your theme and budget.

Themed Wedding Invitations

Decorations and wedding favors– It is a known fact that décor and favors are one of the most memorable parts of any wedding celebration. These factors not only set the right tone of the wedding, but also add extra uniqueness to it. When choosing up decorations and favors, try to think something different. For example, travel-inspired wedding can incorporate ticket stubs, trunks and old maps in the table decor. The favors for a pirate-themed wedding can be old whiskey bottle or rum.

Themed Wedding Favors

Choose Food and Music– The secret path to your guests’ hearts is all the way through music and food selection. A dull music can ruin the whole atmosphere of the party within few minutes. However, this will not mean that you choose some safe favorites, it is important to keep in mind that you have to make your wedding memorable. At the same time, your theme must reflect on the presentation of cuisine selected. For example, butter beer or cream sodas is must for Harry Potter themed wedding.

Themed Wedding Music

Wedding dress– The right selection of wedding dress is also very important for your themed wedding. If you are going to host a pirate-themed wedding, then select dresses based on this theme otherwise the theme will look meaningless and dull.

Guest dress/attire– In order to add excitement and fun to the whole event, ask your guests to attend the function by dressing themselves based upon the theme of your special day. This can amplify the relevance of the theme in a great manner.