In today’s world, one of the most popular themes for weddings is pirate. Every couple knows that there is something unique about pirates that can make the wedding full of games and fun. From the role playing to the costumes, there is always something for every guest present in a pirate themed wedding function. So, to help you in this regard, we are here to offer you some wonderful tips that can help you to plan your own pirate themed marriage.

Pirate Themed Wedding

Location- For celebrating a pirate themed wedding, the best location will be a beach or a resort near a lake or river. You can rent a boat for your wedding day, as it will be a great experience only if you have a short guest list because a very large guest list will make it a time-consuming affair. But if you are having lots of guests then celebrating the wedding on the beach will make it easier for you to accommodate them and still managing the pirate theme.

Bridal Party– You can find many attire designers that can easily make custom outfits and dresses for your pirate themed wedding function. In case, you are short of time, then various wedding dress shops have dresses that will give you perfect traditional pirate look. At the same time, along with the dress it is very important to choose matching make-up like captain’s hat, eye-patches and much more. This will glorify your whole look in the best possible manner.

Pirate Themed Wedding Accessories

Guest dress/attire– In order to add excitement and fun to the event, ask your guests to attend the function by dressing them up like a wench or a pirate. This will surely give your invited guests a great opportunity to feel the whole pirate theme and the pictures will always make them remember your big day for all the years to come. It is a great fun to see your children and grandparents dressed up like a pirate along with you and your fiancé.

Games– It is a must for each and every pirate themed wedding to include different types of games to add fun to the big day. You can order plastic swords for a fun fight scene. At the same time, you can organize games like a treasure hunt and give away various prizes on the completion of the event. In case, you are short on your ideas, ask your children to help you in this regard, as games are a must for pirate themed wedding function.

Pirate Themed Wedding Ideas

Wedding favors– You can make your wedding – special and unique by giving wonderful gifts to your guests like gold earrings, eye-patch, small bag of chocolate gold coins and much more. This not only makes your wedding memorable, but also creates a happy kind of feeling in the heart of your invited guests.

In case, you have more information about pirate themed wedding or used this theme for celebrating the most auspicious occasion of your life, then do share your valuable comments and ideas with us. We look forward towards your active participation in this regard.