Going for an Alice in Wonderland theme based wedding is ideal as a fairy tale day. To renovate the whole thought, you can always think over various ideas for having a wonderful wedding celebration. Alice in Wonderland is recognized for being so not the same as other, more customary like a fairy tale. You need to use bold patterns and colors for your special day in order to have this as your wedding theme. You can always consider polka dots, stripes and bright contrasts.


The essential components to create a wedding decoration aligned with Alice in wonderland theme, you will require little notes like drink me, consume me, time clock and a rabbit.

Your invited guests will quickly contemplate Alice in Wonderland when they find them! In the event that you wish to do a vintage wedding yet you need to do something altogether different from other couples. So, you can for this kind of theme to have a distinctive wedding celebration. For sure such kind of wedding theme is exceptionally great. Alice in Wonderland gives more dreams to your marriage decoration and celebration. You must include acclaimed characters, (for example, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and Alice) all through your marriage by using them (or their famous attire) in your accessories, clothing, photo props and in your decor.


We are here to offer you some wonderful ideas and tips that will help you in having a perfect wedding based on the theme of Alice in Wonderland:-

  • Try to use flowers, candles along with antique tea sets and make them your perfect centerpieces.
  • You can also go for Formal topiaries that will be simply great as beautiful aisle liners.
  • Utilize personalized playing cards for photo props, table numbers or your guest name cards.
  • You can theme each of the tables based on the characters that are mentioned in this book- Alice in Wonderland.
  • Rather than using welcome drinks, you can give the tea party to all your invited guests.
  • It is possible to play a game of cards with your guests till the time they wait for a photo session.


  • Select place card holders in tiny tea cups or red hearts. In order to have sweet lighting you can always use twinkle lights along with ribbons to create a different type of environment in your wedding ceremony.
  • You can also use wooden sign boards in your weddings that can mark various phrases like “eat here”, “dance here” and many more. This will surely impress your guests and will give a beautiful look to the whole festivity.
  • You can have a green colored cake with touches of red to making it highly distinguished from other couples who celebrating their marriage on the same theme.
  • Last but not the least; you can try out giving return gifts to your guests in the shape of hats and colorful chocolates.