Planning a valentine day wedding? Well, the idea of having a valentine themed wedding is indeed whimsical and romantic that can make your wedding definitely memorable for everyone but, to add the whole dose of drama calls for lots of amazing valentine wedding ideas. From unique wedding décor to exclusive wedding card designs, reception menu and other details, everything has to be on point so that it adds a whole lot of romance and glamour in your Valentine themed wedding. So, if you are planning to have valentine themed wedding, we are sure you know all the romantic ideas. What? You have no ideas!! Well, no worries. Here are our top 10 ideas for a romantic Valentine themed wedding.

1. Colour Inspiration

red wedding palette

pink wedding

Synonymous with pink and red, the valentine wedding calls for a color scheme that matches this aura of love and for this reason, the best wedding color inspiration for Valentine wedding is indeed red and pink. With this color theme, you can match your remaining wedding ideas.

2. Lounge Spaces

wedding Lounge Space

weddings Lounge Space

While you bask your soul in love by marrying your beloved, let your guests also do the same by spending some quality time together in cute cozy lounge space created in your wedding venue. With this idea, you would make sure that love is absolutely in the air.

3. Romantic Wedding Card Designs

Red scroll wedding cards CD-5009B

red scroll wedding invitations

When you are making sure that everything is completely drenched in the romantic vibes, make sure that your wedding card designs do the same. Choose a beautiful red colored scroll wedding invitation with lots of love motifs and your personalized monograms.

4. Romantic Rose Wall

rose backdrop

Flower ackdrop

Be it your wedding altar or your photo booth, the idea of having a romantic rose wall is absolutely stunning that matches amazingly with your Valentine themed wedding. This is surely going to add a pretty pop of color to your wedding and everyone will love it.

5. Duo Wedding Cake

valentine themed wedding

This one is really interesting and it was found by us in one common wedding but, we loved it so much that it should definitely be a part of Valentine wedding. In place of having one wedding cake for your wedding, have two. Write two beautiful lovable quotes on both the cakes and make your wedding special.

6. Add Romance in Dresses

bridesmaids Dress

WEdding bridesmaid

Adding a little dose of romance in dresses is a must when it comes to Valentine themed wedding. For this, you can have bold red bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen can feel the romantic vibes with a perfectly matching red tie.

7. Sweets are Too Sweet



Valentine day is always studded with lots of chocolates, sweets candies and more and when it comes to romantic valentine day wedding, you can have a dessert table set up filled with lots of sweets in red and pink color.

8. DIY Projects

DIY valentine projects

Red ribbons, red draperies, and red roses, what could be better than these to match your wedding theme? Celebrate your wedding with cute DIY things made out of these stunning raw materials. All these together could be used to decorate your wedding venue just too stylishly.

9. True Love Kiss

Love Kiss

No, we are not talking about public display of love by kissing your partner, we are insisting to have a cocktail hour with your lovely friends, relatives, and guests with amazing drinks like blushing beauty and true love kiss.

10. Lights For The Mood

wedding Lights

weddings Lights

Lights can set the mood right and when it comes to romance, lights can definitely do it right. You can use modern day lights or choose the stunning aromatic candles to make the tempo of your valentine wedding awesome.