Green wedding cards

This post is in continuation with the earlier published blog. Read on the last part of the article…..Another important factor to be kept in mind is the furniture and fixtures used in the wedding venue; you can always rent a lot more than tents & chairs, so prepare a list of everything you want for your wedding before you contact furniture rental companies. It not only helps in saving money but also lessens the burden to buy fixtures for wedding venue. You also need to keep an eye on catering service, as your dinner probably has ingredients that are trucked in from all over the world for better taste and enjoyment.

Sometimes, it happens that ingredients like onion or tomatoes come from other part of the world, even though it grows in your local place. So always talk to your caterer about using local ingredients and using in abundance the locally available food items rather than getting from overseas.

The food is about freshness, so items like veggies, spices and other relevant fruits must be purchased locally. You also need to give same and equal importance to wedding photographs. The marriage photo prints are not Eco-friendly, but some professional labs are green-certified, so select a photographer who has a lab which is certified green.

At the same time some photographers offer Eco-friendly products in addition to photo prints which can be albums made of hemp, organic fibers, and recycled materials. You can also have photographs on bamboo, sugar cane and other Eco-friendly materials to cherish every moment with love. You can also choose a local photographer rather than a photographer from different country, as it saves time and money.


The key concept for keeping a wedding Eco-friendly is to limit the wastage. The various one-time disposable items like cups, plates, etc can be used from recycled materials rather than buying the new made ones. Another option can be choosing the items on rental basis as it will curb down the wastage in bigger way.

Last but not the least the wedding invitation cards used in the marriage ceremony. It is one of bigger reason why paper is used so much in any wedding celebration. With technological advancement it is possible to send invitation cards online all across the world. This particular option not only reduces the use of paper but also shows your intelligence and tech knowledge.

Hope my post will help you having a green wedding filled with moments of joy, happiness and glee.