Letterpress printing is one of the oldest printing technique, known for its high quality work at high speed. It is a process of transferring a layer of ink on the printing surface. The combination of Letterpress & laser cut wedding invitation has become the latest trend all around the globe, as large numbers of couples are choosing them to display their true love.

Letterpress wedding invitations

At the same time, this letterpress printing method is once again gaining prominence in the printing industry. In the letterpress wedding invitations, the flat images & letters are pressed on a thick paper. Which creates precise characters that look rich as well as feel good. Such kind of wedding invitations has wonderfully carved figures & letters on one side of the paper & flat surface on the other side.

Letterpress style of printing technique involves deep impression, ink, and beautiful papers to make a distinctive card suite.

letterpress laser cut wedding invitations

Laser cut wedding invitations CD-8262D

At the same time, all your family members and friends will admire your choice. Letterpress & laser cut wedding invitation style will give your marriage card a modern as well as catchy look, but the cost involved is more than the other types of invitation cards. Hence, it is important that you consider purchasing these invitations, in case you have no restrictions to your card buying budget. The benefit of utilizing letterpress, that your guests will get something extraordinary that they have not received earlier. Nowadays, the brides and grooms want to create invites that feel like a great work of art. Along with that, the impression of the design, & the usage of eco-friendly practices. Materials make them suitable for any kind of wedding celebration, such as destination wedding, theme based wedding and much more. It can make you feel good about your celebration.

Laser cut wedding invites

Due to growing demand, various online wedding card providers have started to offer a wide collection of Letterpress & laser cut wedding cards. These cards can be found in different types of color, design and texture. In recent times, many couples are choosing metallic and gray papers, along with inks to give a distinctive look. These laser cut wedding invitations can also be designed with metallic foils. The introduction of laser cutting technique into this card category has also become a huge hit all around the globe. The invitation cards can also be designed with classic imagery or typography by using a belly band or laser cut wrap. This gives the overall look of the card, a classic realm along with a wow factor in the minds of your guest when they receive this invite.

laser cut wedding invitation

laser cut invitations CIN-1595

At the same time, the selection of the right color combination can make these cards – unique as well as impeccable. You can find black, gray, blue, red, white, cream and many more colors for this purpose. Another vital aspect in this regard is the font used for writing the wedding card wordings because it will also set the right tone for the overall look of the card. Follow your dreams and give your creativity a new height with Letterpress & laser cut wedding invitation cards.

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