The best way to show off your wedding theme in an appropriate way, Indian wedding cards has come up with a wide variety of cheap wedding invitations which are sure to allure your guests without bringing a hole in your pocket. The wedding invitation, cakes favors are the best way to tell your guest about the wedding themes or beach wedding theme or any.  But all you need to look for is for the affordable wedding invitations places from where you can get beautiful designs, attractive patterns, soothing motifs and related stuff.

We are a wide online store of unlimited cheap wedding invitations in New Jersey, USA as well as Nationwide, with leaving no stone go unturned in making your day a remarkable one. So here are 10 Cheap wedding invitations styles According to your wedding theme which can be a icing on the cake for your big day.

Peacock wedding invitations CIN-8256H

2. Unique Shaped Invitations (Die Cut)– This is one theme which we openly customize. These cards are majorly on the demand of the bride and groom with a special bride-groom theme, which we assure to attract the main people on your big day that too without hurting your pocket.

Die cut wedding cards CD-8229O

Unique shape wedding invitations CD-8238D

3. Embossed – The pocket saving cheap wedding cards also includes Embossed cards which have under few categories of modern, vintage, rustic, watercolor, extremely liked and ordered by the people.

designer Embossed wedding cards CD-1785

Matte color designer Embossed wedding cards Cd-1817

4. Floral– Nature infused is the new trend. Surrounded with a green color base, these invites are highly in trend and people love to settle at floral themes.

Floral wedding invitation


5. Designer – Another is designer cards, highly appreciated and highly accepted. Very elegant and sophisticated for the day as you thought of.

Designer wedding invitations CD-1835

Unique shape wedding invitations CIN-8235D

6. Foil Stamped – Foil Stamped cards are setting the guest on fire with the amount of love it spreads among. It is beautifully executed cards and looks absolutely lovely on the occasion.

Off-white designer wedding invitationsCD-1801

Foil stamped wedding invitations CIN-1503

7. Paisley – Another style which is taking the clock back is the Paisley theme invites. Generally pastel colors, but looks amazing in soothing shades.


8. Indian– Influenced by rich heritage culture of the country India, the Indian theme based cards style somewhat looks spectacular in dark colors but looking superb with floral decorations on sides.

Red Indian Wedding Cards CIN-8257H

Modern Indian Wedding Invitations CD-1823

9. Hindu– Another which has come in light for some time is the Hindu-inspired wedding invitation. The collaboration of goodness and geeks in a different picture, fonts, and motifs make the Hindu theme cards stand out of the box. The graphics work on this can work really well and looks extremely lovely and different.

Hindu Wedding Cards CW-8244K

Ganesha theme hindu wedding invitations CW-1838

10. laser cut– Often amalgamated with vintage, but laser cut is the hot cake in town. Beautifully wrapped in white lace, it is one of the simplest yet stylish and cheap wedding cards.


To make your vision a reality, Indian wedding cards advice you look deeper than usual when you are selecting a card for your big day because all everyone remembers is a theme based venue, decorations, and food. So, be very keen on finding the right card and going with the best one which suits your genre and looks extremely extraordinary in the crowd of many. For, this day will never come again become very particular and skeptic about going with the best. And to help you out, we have got a numerous collection of affordable wedding invitations which may go best with your theme plus not burning a hole in your pocket.