7 Tricks To Keep Little Guests Happy In Your Wedding.

Have a look at those cute little faces and we bet that you won’t be able to ignore them at all. Alright, we agree that some couples decide not to have the cuties in their wedding but, it seriously makes the elder wedding guests worried and eventually lots of them ends up at not attending your wedding. So, embrace the kids to make everyone happy and your wedding more fun. Fun with kids seem difficult but, believe us and try these amazing wedding entertainment ideas for kids that will do the trick for you.

1. Activity area



The best idea to keep the little guest entertained is to keep them busy in things they love. Most of the kids love colours and crafts. You can dedicate one particular corner of your wedding venue to this thing. Keep lots of craft stuff, colours and activity books and easy but safe stuff for them. Check out the masterpieces later and you will also have fun to see them.

2. Kid’s friendly food


Who does not love food? We bet, it would be hard for you to name even five. For this reason, try to incorporate lots of kid’s friendly food in your wedding.


wedding-food-IWC Cookies, cupcakes, candies, popcorns, sweet surprises and kid’s friendly juices are some of the most cherished eatables by kids although; you can search more options for your little guests.

3. Hire professional entertainer



Hiring professional entertainers is the best wedding idea to keep everyone entertained and when it comes to cute guests, you can hire magicians, balloon animal makers, non-creepy clown and other entertainers to make them engaged and happy. Remember happy kids make happy weddings.

4. Napping tent


Since they are just kids, they easily get tired and sleepy. Sleepy kids make great noises so, you have to make sure that you arrange proper space for them to rest. It is advisable to have a tent or space for them to rest where they can take a nap and come back with more power and energy.

5. Games zone


According to you, what is the most occupying thing for kids? We can hear in unison, entertaining games. Yes, you all are right, games can keep kids busy for hours and for this reason, you can have one dedicated games zone for kids in your wedding. Keep all sort of toys and games in that area and they would be lost there for hours.

6. Dancing kids


Ask your wedding guests to prepare their kids for one dance performance. Yes, this is the best trick to keep the little guests entertained. They would feel as if they are also a part of the celebration and most of the cutie pies love music and dance. This would be really entertaining for everyone. Let the music play and see the fun.

7. Movie Room


Cartoons movie keep kids engrossed for hours and to keep little wedding guests busy, this is the best idea. Have a movie room where kids can keep watching cartoon movies. Have a good supply of kid’s centric food and drinks and they won’t create any nuisance in the wedding for sure.

These are our top ideas and you can share your ideas that helped you when it comes to little wedding guests.