Are you planning for a true and authentic Australian bush wedding?

Since the past few years, the craze of the thematic wedding has seen growth. No matter which part of the world it is, couples across the globe are going gaga over theme based wedding.

Australian Bush Wedding

One such theme is the Australian Bush wedding. The Australian bush wedding idea is something that most of the couples across the globe are following.

Comes with style, fun, and full of surprises the Australian bush wedding idea allows you to throw an extravagant gala which your wedding guests will remember for the rest of their lives.

Evident to its name, such weddings are meant to happen on the land of Kangaroos.

Well, even if you have budget concerns, worry not; we are here with a complete list of ideas that will allow you to organize a rustic Australian wedding, no matter wherever you stay in the world.

It’s the time you focus on investing budget by selecting the best and cheap wedding invitation.

Get ready to embrace the style and unique beauty of the Australian canvas and give your wedding guests a pleasant surprise that they will cherish the same forever.

Most Exciting, Affordable and the Best Venues for Australian Bush Wedding

There are plenty of things that one needs to take care of, during the time of organizing a wedding.

Australian Bush Wedding

When it comes to thematic wedding, the situation becomes more stringent as you have to stick to the theme of the wedding.

One of the hardest things in organizing theme wedding is to select a suitable wedding venue.

Australian bush wedding though has plenty of venue options but very few people are out there who actually know where to organize an authentic bush wedding in Australia.

So, let us move ahead and discuss each Australian bush wedding destination, and yes, do not forget to take care of a cheap wedding invitation which adds the charm of your wedding.


Located amidst the canopies of flowers, Tatra is the wedding venue that you are seeking for all this time.


This place is blessed with the mother nature abundantly.

Located in the stunning township of Mount Dandenong, the place gives you a perfect opportunity to get escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tatra has all those elements within that will make fantasies come true with a fairytales garden.

The place is compact with three spectacular locations, including a traditional chapel, a stunning wrought iron cupola, and a charming gazebo.

Glenmore Country Estate

Are you looking for a memorable Australian bush wedding which is also regal?

Glenmore Country Estate

If Yes, then this is the place for you.

If you have selected your cheap wedding invitation, then its time you get immersed in the beauty of this Australian bush wedding venue.

It allows a couple to experience a private and country venue where your guests will enjoy a five-star treatment.

The Glenmore Country Estate is located in the hunter valley and is boasts of authentic country charm.

This is one of the best wedding venues in Australia not only has scenic beauty but it also has 8 classic country barns that are sufficient enough to hold 100 guests.

Ballara Receptions

Exquisitely designed and developed the Ballara Receptions in Melbourne is the perfect place for an authentic Australian bush wedding.

Ballara Receptions

The couples who want something unique, they can choose this wedding venue for their special day.

After selecting the cheap wedding invitation you should also take care of the Ballara Receptions.

This place allows the couple to organize and exceptional wedding. Here all your expectations are met with utmost perfection.

This is a family-owned property, and it has plenty of things in its packages such as live bands, expert florists, world-class photographers, and everything that makes your Australian bush wedding memorable.

For those who are dreaming to have a vows exchange ceremonies in true Victorian style, the place will fulfill your dreams as it has a stunning Victorian chapel.

The Brown Brothers Winery

The Australian bush wedding is all about an outdoor wedding, and what’s better than organizing the nuptial at the brown brothers’ winery.

The Brown Brothers Winery

Known as the home of Australian prosecco, this place also makes a perfect vacation hotspot.

To experience simply the intimate outdoor experience for your Australian bush wedding, this place is the perfect choice for them.

Here you not only can view majestic Mt. Buffalo but also boast of lustrous vineyard location.

Interesting and rustic Australian bush wedding idea

You not only can save your budget with a cheap wedding invitation but also with the following interesting and rustic Australian bush wedding ideas.

Select the right colors

The landscape of Australia is interesting and since you are planning for an outdoor wedding, it becomes necessary that you should follow the color etiquettes.


For the Australian bush wedding, you can select soft colors that reflect the Australian landscape.

Use, soft grey greens, brown reds, white & greys, deep reds, etc. For winter weddings you can select colors such as grey-green, white-grey, blue with the touch of soft pink and darker reds.


Since it is an Australian bush wedding, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be bushy.

After all, it is your special day and must have something flowery.


There are plenty of options in which you can opt to have a perfect one according to the wedding theme.

Some major types of flowers that you can choose are leucadendrons, flannel flowers, gum tree or wattle foliage. All these flowers suit perfectly with the rustic surroundings such as kangaroo paws, hakeas, berries, and him nuts to name a few.

Food and Beverages

Food, it is an imperative part of every wedding.


There is no way that you can think of a wedding without an illustrious range of food. But as we all are discussing the Australian bush wedding, we suggest you take extra caution.

Don’t be afraid, we are here for you. There are plenty of delicacies which suit perfectly with the theme. Some delicious gourmet includes names such as Aussie roast, Silverside and White Sauce Damper with Golden Syrup, Pavlova, Custard Slice, Sponge Cake with cream.

It would be always great to add a traditional touch to your gourmet. Try including traditional Australian desserts & drinks like peach melba, banana split, billy tea, iced tea, lemon delicious, and the list is unending.