With wedding dates around the corner, wedding invitations are all set to roll out. But are those basic details enough to make your wedding invitation suite complete and impressive?

As every wedding ceremony is varied in style, why follow the same wedding invitation suite? While there is no set pattern of wedding suits, there is some crucial information that every wedding invitation suite is likely to include.

As you keep your guests informed with an elaborated wedding invitation suite, it makes your invite impressive.

What Are The Essential Components Of A Wedding Invitation Suite?

Depending on your wedding theme, your attitude, and your style, you can choose the invite text. Wording plays a vital role as it gives the first impression about your wedding celebration. So, keep your wordings polite, impressive, and crisp to strike the right deal.

What Are The Key Components Of A Response Card In A Premium Wedding Invitation Suite?

Sending A Response Envelope

It is basic wedding invitation etiquette to send a response envelope along with your wedding invite to ease your guests to respond to you in time. It has a designated printed address on its back so that your guests don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for your address to respond.

The main idea of a response envelope is to seek a prompt response from the guests to make the necessary arrangements accordingly. Although most of your guests will make it a point to respond, several guests will not respond in time. You have to reach out personally to these guests to know their status.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a suitable response card in your wedding invitation suite.

Website Card/ Details

Technology has made our life easier. And technology has paved its way in wedding invitations too.
The purpose of a wedding card in a wedding invitation suite is to keep your guests informed about the destination, time, and date. A website card comprehensively keeps your guests intimated about various ceremonies and eases them to respond in time with just one click.

Reception cards are also an imperative part of a wedding invitation suite. They are used as an official announcement that the wedding ceremony will follow a reception ceremony.

If the venue is the same, then you can keep the invite short. If the venue is different, make sure you include the address of the reception venue as well in your wedding invitation suite.

When To Order The Wedding Invitation?

It is recommended to send out the wedding invite at least 2 months before the wedding date. It gives them ample time for your guests to make the necessary adjustments to attend your wedding. The Sooner you order the invite, the more you have a chance to make preferred alterations.

Save The Date Card In Wedding Invitation Suite

It is the first card that you are expected to send to your guests intimating them about the date of your wedding ceremony. It is usually a casual intimation to your guests so that they can block the date from their schedules to attend your wedding.

Traditional – It is usually a one-sided or double-sided postcard listing your name and the location of the wedding.

Modern – By adding personalized details of guests, couples are looking for innovative ways to send across the save-the-date invites. From inculcating the photo of the couple to choosing dramatic themes, there are many ways to make your save=the-date invite.

Place Cards

These cards are meant to inform the guests about specific seating arrangements and where the guest will sit during the ceremony. Including this card in your wedding invitation suite will only help your wedding guests with their seating arrangements.

You can place a tented card on each seat with the name of the guest imprinted.
Alternatively, you can use the props like a small stone printed with the guest’s name or a balloon tied with the seat with the name of the guest imprinted on it.

Additional Cards In A Wedding Invitation Suite

If you have to include a lot of information in your suit, relying on a single card is tough. You can add additional cards in a wedding invitation suite, to include other crucial information about your wedding ceremony. Say, if there are some per-wedding ceremonies, you can assign a separate invitation card for each ceremony to make them noticeable to your guests.

Often there are some ceremonies which the couple wish to confine to their closed ones. Arranging a separate card for each ceremony gives you control over whom you want to invite and whom you are opting to avoid.

Importance Of Outer Envelops In A Wedding Invitation Suite

The first thing that every guest notices about your wedding invitation are the outer envelope of your wedding invitation.

Therefore, it is advisable to go for a thematic outer envelope while selecting the wedding invitation suite. It brings uniformity to your wedding invitation suite.

With wide options available for outer envelopes as calligraphy, digitally printed or handwritten, ensure to have enough stamps overs it.

Most of the RSVP envelopes require one standard envelope. But designer outer envelopes may require additional postage as it is rigid to clear USPS sorting machines.

Thank You Cards

These are usually hand-written notes to oblige your guests for being a part of your nuptial. A picture card or a postcard with a personalized note is the best way to pay your gratitude to your esteemed guests attending your wedding ceremony.

Thank You Cards

Traditionally the thank you cards simply say “thank-you” with a sweet personalized note for the wedding guests. Some couples also used to include new married monogram motif and addresses stenciled into the thank you cards.

In the modern world, couples are taking personalization to the next level with creativity or a picture. There is also a trend for a postcard with a wedding photo on the front of the thank you card.