Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

We’ve all been a part of a wedding that gave us lots of ‘thumbs-twiddling’ moments. Probably that was the time when you decided that you will incorporate lots of wedding reception activities for guests to enjoy every single minute of your wedding.  However, most of the reception ideas are a big blow to your pockets. No worries, here are some inexpensive yet offbeat wedding reception ideas for you and your guest’s memories.

Party hard

DJ party wedding reception

A cool DJ is a key ingredient for ultimate wedding fun. Add boozy games with lots of music and dance in your wedding. Ask your wedding guests about their favourite party songs and let them perform on the songs of their choice. It would be so much fun if others will join them too. After all, music, booze and dance are the most deadly combination!

Let the food be the treat

Wedding Reception Food

While keeping the wedding place cards on the tables, you could mention the menu of reception on them. Wedding guests will be happy in the anticipation of food if you have their favourite dish on the list. The method of dining is back in the wedding market and you could use that in your wedding. It would give an intimate feel to all your guests.

Dress code

Dress Code for Wedding Guests

It might sound weird to some people but, it’s really fun. Keep a unique dress code for your wedding reception. If you are opting for Designer Lace Invitations, you could choose lacy dresses as dress code or you could go with the colour of your invitation cards.  With the dress code in place, the wedding guests would be able to relate more.

Flash mob dance

Flash Mob Dance at Wedding Reception

Flash mob dance is completely in trend these days. You could use this popular trend in your wedding reception activities. With your wedding card, you could send a choreographed dance video to your guests and you could ask them to join the flash mob dance during your wedding reception.

Campfire wedding

Campfire at Wedding Reception

Yes, we are not talking nonsense, campfire weddings are simply one of the coolest wedding reception ideas nowadays. A Guitarist, campfire and your favourite cup of coffee and snacks are doing rounds in the wedding market these days. This is a nice chill idea in contrast to other most popular party ideas.

Fun games

Wedding Reception Fun Games

This reception idea is not a new one but, it is still a hit in the market. You could arrange various one-minute games in your reception. You could also arrange wedding fun contests to make your wedding guests more interactive in your wedding. Even, your escort cards could have the word search game over it for your guests to enjoy.

The Dubmash

It would be real fun. All you need to do is hire a videographer with the song of your choice. You could make a wedding video of your big day and you could involve your wedding guests into action. Ask them to mime and perform on the song of your choice. Make few edits and yeah, you have the lovely wedding day music video for you to cherish forever.