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Planning a wedding? Will it be super fun? Doubtful about the answer? Well, don’t scratch your head because we have brought to you a list of fun wedding ideas to make your wedding party go rock and roll like crazy!

Food Truck to Make Your Guest Go Awestruck

Food truck to make your guest go awestruck

Late night scenes are not hidden from anyone. Why not indulge a food truck at your wedding? What are you waiting for? Rush to the wedding planner and bring a cool food truck at your service for those late-night food cravings.


Do Include Some Carnival Food

Do include some carnival food

Remember going to fests and carnivals during those childhood days? And if you are childhood sweethearts, then this is just a go-go for you. Serve carnival food and what more? You can also add carnival theme to your wedding.


Bring in Those Picnic Baskets And Those Comfy Blankets

Bring in those picnic baskets and those comfy blankets

Picnics have always put us into nostalgia! Picnics have ever been a great medium to bring out the most joyful side of us. Try setting the ambience such that it looks less like a formal wedding and more like a fun picnic wedding. Pool in those picnic blankets, food baskets, sunglasses and what not!


Pump in Energy With ‘Spin the Wheel’ Game

Pump in energy with ‘Spin the wheel’ game

Get yourself transported back to the school days of fun and playfulness. Set up a spin the wheel game for your guests and see what a magical mood changer it becomes! Your guests will get those fun tasks to perform and you will get free entertainment (at times, its good to be mean though!


Play the Shoe Game

Play the Shoe Game

Trust me this will be the most amusing thing you can plan for your wedding. The rules of the game are simple. The bride and the groom are made to sit back to back to each other and hold their partner’s shoe and raise the hand to answer a “Who?” question. (‘Who cooks better food?” “Who makes a perfect coffee?” etc).


Relax!Simply Share Some Fun Facts

Relax!Simply share some fun facts

Surprise your guests with cards on dinner table, reading fun facts about the groom and fun facts about the bride. (The bride sings and dances every morning as soon as she gets up from sleep, etc) This will certainly make your wedding even more memorable and will defiantly put a broad smile on your guests’ faces.


Keep Calm and Karaoke

Keep calm and karaoke

Karaoke have always been fun and if you are of the types who have been to a lot of karaoke before then you should certainly make this a part of your fun wedding ideas. Sing out loud and let your guests know how happy you are!


Think of Fun, Think of Balloons

Think of fun, think of balloons

Deck up your aisle with colorful balloons or else you can also use balloons as a perfect backdrop material. Don’t disregard the fact that balloons will also help you in getting some amazingly awesome clicks for your fun wedding.


How Cool Would it Be To Serve the Alcohol in Water Cooler?

How cool would it be to serve the alcohol in water cooler

Alcohol in bars have been done and dusted to nth number of times. Go for water cooler, yes seriously! Extra added benefit, your money that you otherwise would have spent on setting up an entire bar (or a mini bar for instance) would be saved.

Its your wedding day, have fun pals! Make it a lifetime memory to which you can look back and laugh out loud…… Perfect fun wedding ideas for your wedding.