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Weddings are always special. Lots of celebrations in a few days of marriage ceremonies become the memories of a lifetime.

Each and everything related to weddings is special. Whether it is your wedding dress or venue or your wedding theme each aspect has its own importance in the marriage process.

Amidst all comes wedding Invitations that holds a major place in the wedding. Indian culture is rich and the modern Indian wedding cards are the mirror of our rich culture.

Wedding invitations are important because they not only contain all the important information associated with your weddings such as date, time and venue, but it also expresses the persona of you and your partner.

Wedding Invitations

With the time the designs and style of the wedding Invitations have also changed. To simply put it, the wedding Invitations are the gateway to get a glimpse of your marriage theme and style.

As the wedding season is near, we thought to bring to you the most unique and creative wedding cards to enhance your celebrations.

Let’s start and select the best wedding invitations that suit your marriage style.


Lift-The-Flap Wedding Invitations

Lift-The-Flap Wedding Invitations 


One of the most beautiful wedding invitations by design, these designs are high since the past couple of years.

In this type of wedding invitation, there is a single card that contains the details of every function in a playful way.

To read the details, guests need to lift the flap and reveal what there inside for them.

These cards come in different variations where the theme “lift the flap” remains the same but the way of presenting the details get changed.

In some cards, there is beautiful calligraphy, while some flaps have beautiful illustrations, representing the functions.


Idiosyncratic Wedding Cards

Idiosyncratic Wedding Cards


If you are a millennia groom or bride and if you are looking for some quirky options for your wedding invitations, then you are in luck, this idiosyncratic card design is just for you.

The creativity has taken a leap over here. Wedding cards in a play cards style. In this type of cards Bride and Groom replace the King and the Queen and the remaining cards are imprinted with function’s details.

There are numerous online wedding cards portals where you can book such innovative marriage invitations.


Regal Deco

Regal Deco


If you want something regal you should definitely try for this one. The dazzling style of this wedding card will give a complete royal look to your wedding.

For a flamboyant wedding card, you can choose any royal design which should be on the classic color palette.

The simple pattern throws the aura of sophistication which enhances with the golden calligraphy.


Plantable Wedding Cards

Plantable Wedding Cards

What’s more romantic and memorable than having an invitation that makes your guests remember your wedding for a long long time.

One its kinds, the plantable invitations are in vogue since past few years. Evident to its name, you can plant this card and in a week or so you will get beautiful blooming wildflowers or the garden of herbs flourishing in your house.

These eco-friendly cards are 100% made up of recycling paper that blooms gorgeous plants.

Look for some online wedding cards websites, where you will find a wide range of wedding cards making you and your partner remember in the memory of your guests for a long time.