11 Wedding Color Schemes You’d Adore: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter!

Is there any couple who doesn’t want their wedding to stand out? Well, we all know the answer already and that’s why couple keep on hunting for best venue, planners, season and other wedding details to make their wedding a complete stunner. With all this, they do need unique and peppy wedding colour schemes to do accomplish their dream of having a whimsical wedding. Do you also want to have playful and fun wedding colour palettes for your wedding, look at our list of unexpected wedding colour combinations designed by keeping in mind that it would be used throughout your wedding elements.

1. Magenta, Poppy and Yellow

Magenta, Poppy and yellow

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Great for summer weddings. This vibrant colour combo is so amazing that everyone would appreciate it. With this combination in major wedding details, you can blend some neutral hues in it for making it even more perfect.

2. Purple, Burgundy and Orange

Purple, Burgundy and orange

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If looking for a great wedding colour scheme for your spring wedding, this is it. These colours together are too romantic and intimate that would assure that you have a romantic wedding ceremony for yourself.

3. Tangerine, Orange and Yellow

Tangerine, Orange and yellow

Summer is always studded with blooms in tangerine, orange and yellow hence, making this wedding colour theme perfect for summer wedding. Your guests would feel rejuvenated to see this colour scheme for your wedding.

4. Black, Pale Green and White

Black, Pale green and white

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The elegant spring weddings need wedding colours that are not too flashy and this one will rock any spring wedding. Mixing white colour with black and pale green will give a colour combo that would not be stark at all and it would be loved by all.

5. Navy, Yellow and Blue

Navy, Yellow and blue

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See, this is our personal favourite as it has lots of options for décor and wedding planning. To use this scheme in summer weddings, you don’t have to take too much pain. Personalized invitations, wedding favours, bouquets and dresses would do the trick with these wedding colours.

6. Cinnamon, Yellow and Beige

Cinnamon, Yellow and Beige

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For a regal Spanish vibe in your autumn wedding, this wedding colour palette is ideal. Accentuate all the traditional elements of wedding with this scheme and you would be amazed to see how gorgeous your whole wedding set up look.

7. Lime, Sugar, Peach and Latte

Lime, Sugar, Peach and Latte

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For a bright and cheery summer wedding, this wedding colour scheme completely stands out. Lime would add all the energy and the other sophisticated hues would balance the bright pop making it a fun combo.

8. Sugar, Slate Brown, Custom Beige and Custom Peach

Sugar, Slate brown, custom beige and custom peach

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For a timeless appeal in your winter wedding, this peaceful and classic wedding colour theme never goes out of style. These tones are easy on eyes and they could be easily utilized for a wedding to become extremely stunning.

9. Carnation, Latte, Sugar and Custom Green

Carnation, Latte, Sugar and Custom green

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A relaxing, refreshing and exquisite winter wedding is assured with the beautiful hues of carnation pink, sugar, green and late. Ideal for a vintage summer wedding, this wedding colour palette is a marvellous choice for a natural flair.

10. Custom Green, Blush, Sugar and Ashwood

Custom green, Blush, Sugar and Ashwood

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When a dash of mint is added with soft sage of green along with blush, you get a great wedding colour scheme for a winter wedding. This Vintage and whimsical combo will be perfect for all the romantics getting married in winter.

11. Azalea, Custom Blue, Custom Teal and Custom Gray

Azalea, custom Blue, Custom teal and Custom Gray

Subtle hues of teal, blue and gray when paired with hot pink, Azalea empowers passion in any spring wedding. This lively wedding colour palette is whimsy.