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Wants to Choose First Dance Song - How

Finding the first dance song is like hitting the dart on the dartboard between too many hits you will see one unexpected hit. First Dance Song needs a game plan to beat the floor, and it is a different experience from every other in your wedding to-do list. First Dance is all about you and your partner having their moment on stage. However, this also creates a barrier as your and your’s partners tastes are not the same. Your partner will me love some metallic or Jazz to spin off while you will be moody blues. However, we have nothing to fear we know the first dance is everything at your wedding. We have located some points that will navigate through the minefield of choosing your first dance song with ease

Where to Start? – Wants to Choose the First Dance Song

Old School Wedding Dance Tricks

Here are some old school tricks and thoughts about how to pick the great choice.

Special Meaning: People love to hear the song because it connects to their emotion. Choose a song that conveys a special meaning, and it can be the song you and your partner love to hear the most or when your eyes meet across the crowd.

Reminds You Something: As I have mentioned before major crowd attraction towards the song is due to their attached emotion to that song. So, choose something that reminds you of your special moments with your partner.

Let Go With The Flow: If you don’t end up deciding the best pick up for the first dance song then go with the thematic plan for your wedding. If you are wedding in a retro theme then something that fits the retro vibes, a crooner for vintage one or you can go for an electric picnic to match up summer vibes.

Core Romance or Love: If you and your partner have a great relationship and both of you are full of romance then go for the songs that have romance and love at its core. So that when you trip the light everyone is bound to make the awwww sound.

Dance in Common: Last but not the least if you do not want your head to be in clouds then go for the same choices. Select song of one band or artist that you both agree on.

Now, you may be feeling relaxed as you have got the kick how to go through the step by step process and from where to start. The dreading of the much-hyped first dance will be at ease now. Also, we have further mentioned some process at your scroll to make your best pickup according to the personality of the couple. This will hit the target to achieve your fantasy of flaunting some fancy footwork.


Traditionalist Couples

Traditionalist ones are the type of rule followers. For this type of by-the-book brides and groom first dance is a small matter they regard their debut as an ultimate opportunity. By doing so, they want to drive something home to display grace and good taste. They always attract towards the classic songs because they never go out of style.

Try out:Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli or Lauryn Hill; “Grow Old With Me” by Mary Chapin Carpenter; “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri; “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley.


Hipster Couples

Hipster Couples

As the name, hipster defines always connected to the latest trend. They are regards as outside from the mainstream of the culture. Old-fashioned don’t suit your vibe ever due to the pulse of knowing what’s hot, after all, you love unexpected things. Beat less songs will cause a first dance meltdown, so for the sake of hipness don’t miss out on the good one.

Try out:Do You Realize?” by The Flaming Lips; “Still Together” by Mac DeMarco; “Sleepwalking” by Modest Mouse; “Heroes” by David Bowie; “Sea Of Love” by Cat Power.


Hopeless Romantic Couples

Songs are always full of emotions as I have mentioned before because they have a special connection with, or the lyrics describe the whole situation of the life or the tune gives them an intense peace from inside. Romantic pairs are always attracted to the songs that are poetic, intense and emotional.

Try out: “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green; “Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden; “I Don’t want to Miss A Thing by Aerosmith; “Wherever You Will Go” by Charlene Soraia; “I’m Yours” by Aerosmith.


Rebellious Couples

Rebellious Couple

Couples of this personality traits love to do the work in their way, but they will get the hype of first dance. They will always go against the grain due to this people call their sense of style unorthodox. For them, its always about making a statement likewise every other aspect of lifestyle your spin on the dance floor is also about making the statement only.

Try Out: I Just Died In Journey” by Cutting Crew; “When You Love A Woman” by Journey; “Hold My Hand” by Hootie & The Blowfish; “Love Street” by The Doors; “True Love Waits” by Radiohead.


WallFlower Couples

Pairs of this type are a shy kind of people and don’t want to be in the spotlight. They always nutshelled themselves in their comfort zone. An excellent suggestion, they should go for the songs that are familiar and easy to dance. No one wants to watch the choreographed moves, small shuffles in romance will work for the audience.

Try Out: Cheek to Cheek” by Ella Fitzgerald; “UnforgettableNat King Cole; “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones; “The Very Thought of You” by Michael Buble; “The Look of Love” by Diana Krall.


Smooth Operating Couples

These type of couples are easy going they don’t mind flaunting their romance in public. They enjoy having everyone’s eyes upon them. According to their traits let the guests feel the heat when it comes to the first spin. Turn out to something sexy that made for moving and grooving. Never afraid to strut your stuff as an official married couple.

Try Out:Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran; “All of Me” by John Legend; “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne; “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran; “How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding.