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We know you’re already doomed in the magic shower of your wedding, but until there is no wedding, no party is complete without the wedding music. In the world of music, metal songs is a taste everyone loves to groove on. Recently getting popular in weddings, this urges the guest to walk down the aisle. This has become the heart of the weddings. There are so many hard rock and heavy metal wedding songs for your wedding but IndianWeddingCards have shortlisted top 10 Metal Wedding Love Songs, which surely push you to headbang.

So, the top evergreen old school metal wedding songs are-

1. Apocalyptica – Bittersweet – released in 2004, is a single song by cello rock. Very famous and beautiful track has some pretty video which surely can melt your heart. And the most amazing line of the track,

Apocalyptica – Bittersweet -Metal-wedding-songs- IndianWeddingCards

Ah! Memorizing.

2. Motorhead – Love Me Forever – one of the oldest and sweetest alba of 1991, Motorhead was the first album on WTG Records. Attaining the 24th in the UK and 142th in the US chart, this song has gained so much from the audience. The pretty lines,

Motorhead - Love Me Forever -Metal-wedding-songs- IndianWeddingCards

These lines have taken my heart away, I hope yours too?

3. Tesla – Love Song – the old rock band’s power ballad, a love song is the 1989 album’s The Great Radio Controversy. Becoming the gold record, this song became the group’s biggest hit to date. The main lyrics of this song,

Tesla - Love-Song -Metal-wedding-songs- IndianWeddingCards

has always been a pleasure to listen.

4. Nightwish – Sleeping Sun – coming in the late nineties, this song was dedicated to the solar eclipse of 1999 that rose in European sky back then. the main soothing line of this song is not the stanza but the,


5. Type O Negative – Love You to Death – Another metal Wedding Song which is sure to force you to tab your feet on the dance floor. And the main lyrics,


is definitely is the must play a song on the wedding day.

6. Pantera – This Love – This another groove metal American song was one of the most well-known songs of the album, “Vulgar Display of Power”. This song is also considered in the most metal wedding songs list. And the most touching lines of the song are the


7. Pain of Salvation – The Heart of Mine – this song has some of the most delicate music and lyrics, which not only gained love from the people but also made its place in the most listened metal song of its time. The beautiful lines of the song,


has been a gratification.

8. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters – Another great song of that time was this, which has desperately taken the hearts of the people from all over the world. Placed on the top-ten positions on many European charts, this song was a major hit of his time. The highlighted lines of it were,


9. Cradle of Filth – Her Ghost in the Fog – Metal Song for the has become one of the major highlights of the marriages now. People love to dance and groove on such songs. The lovely lines,


can surely take a toll on you.

10. Katatonia – Sweet Nurse – This old school metal song has gained so much love from the people that it outstood in the top chart of UK. The most rejoicing lines of the song are the,


which are the best and will always take you on a beautiful ride of love.

The wedding is the best time to celebrate your love. For this, we mentioned the top 10 best metal wedding songs which are anyway going to make you love more and deeper. But we missed any, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.