Tips for Selecting Beautiful Muslim Invitation Cards

muslim wedding cards

The Muslim wedding is full of rituals and follows decorum as mentioned in Holy Quran. In Islamic culture marriage is given a special place. It is considered as an auspicious occasion in the life of the bride and groom. The planning process of wedding function starts with selecting a marriage invitation card. It is regarded that the cards sets the right tone for the event. In Muslim culture, if the occasion is based on certain theme then it becomes essential to display that on the invitations, so that the invited guests know about and can plan accordingly as per the theme of the function. In Islamic marriage, wedding dress is also given equal and prime importance to make the event holy and pious.

The invitation cards are available in different types and it becomes always difficult to select one which is perfect for the occasion. So, while deciding the Muslim marriage invitation cards, it is necessary to keep few tips in mind.  The various factors like price of the card, allocated budget for the card buying, theme of the marriage and many more. It is advisable not to spend too much money on the cards, as it will increase the overall marriage expenses and will reduce the budget for other categories.

Many bride and groom spend lot of money on buying invitation cards and for them exquisite invitation cards are just the right preference. The selection of card may vary from person to person and it also depends on their liking while selecting a particular invitation card. Firstly, it is important to choose the appropriate design which can be contemporary or ethnic and the design must be according to choice of the family for the card.

islamic wedding invitations

The color combination is also important while choosing an invitation card as it must reflect your Islamic culture and rituals. Another important aspect is the choice of bride and groom, which cannot be denied any time because it is their wedding and they have all the right to select the invitation card. The right color combination in the invitations will create a right impression and will give a royal look to the card. It is always advisable to select one or two color rather than choosing many as it will look odd and will loose its elegance and grace.

islamic wedding cards

Another aspect is the paper to be used in the card; different types of papers are available for wedding invitation card. So, always select paper which correlates your occasion and the paper can be handmade or velvet and vary according to the theme and cost. It is also important to have beautiful wordings inside the Muslim wedding cards and all religious symbols are also used to give it perfect look. So, cards must be selected in best manner as marriage is cherished forever and it becomes memorable for lifetime.