How to go about celebrating a wonderful small intimate wedding function?

If you are thinking to have a small intimate wedding, then everybody in your family need to comprehend your desire and requirement. Without offending them, there are some ways to bring everybody in your family to the same consensus to celebrate the occasion happily. Going for a small intimate wedding might not be liked by your family because the wedding is ordinarily viewed as a period of grand celebration. It is evidently a couple’s decision to have a small, intimate affair or a grand celebration with family and close companions. Your feelings, rituals and bonding are going to be similar with or without individuals. It is surely a wise idea to have a small, intimate wedding because most of the couples relatively don’t have courage to think over this line.


So we are here to help you in this regard, as we are offering these below mentioned tips to help you celebrate a small intimate wedding event.

Tip#1- You can tell your friends and family members that you desire a small intimate wedding and you will not change your choice. It is very much the decision of the couples to decide for their event and standing politely for your decision to go to a small intimate wedding. You have to make them clear that you will not alter your design even there is a lot of pressure from others.


Tip#2- You must allow your friends and family members to propose a guest list. At the same time, you must promise them that people who are not coming to the wedding will surely be invited to an informal reception on a later date. It is very important that while making the guest list, you utilize a lined paper and write numbers, so it will help you in knowing the exact number of guests coming to the function. After this, you can show this guest list to your friends and family members for asking their suggestions to make a perfect small list of important guests. At the same time, tell them to not get annoyed by seeing the guest list.

Tip#3- You have to set a budget on how much you are eager to spend on your marriage and reception. By creating a wedding budget, you can calculate the total amount that you will be going to spend on celebrating the whole occasion. For more information, you can download free guides relating to wedding planning to know what expenses will be incurred and what needs to be omitted. You need to be realistic because a small, intimate wedding will require a sensible amount of money.


Tip#4- You have to select a wedding venue that is suitable for smaller gatherings. For this purpose, you can choose public parks, private gardens and local inns. It is very much advisable not to spend lots of money on wedding venue, as you can also choose small clubhouse rather than a big hotel.

Tip#5- You need to prepare the food menu keeping in mind the preference of invited guests. For small intimate wedding, you can go with their favorite food menu.

So, the above mentioned tips can help you in celebrating a wonderful small intimate wedding function.