The season of weddings comes every year, with that, comes lots of work and responsibilities.

One of the best responsibilities is to make our special day more memorable and stunning.

To do that, you have to keep up with lots of wedding trends and wedding inspirations. Many trends came and gone but there is one trend which has always been the favorite of couples, and it is to organize a country rustic wedding.

The theme of a country rustic wedding, with its stronghold in the realm of a wedding, is making each nuptial worth remembering.

Several wedding trends come and go but the country rustic wedding theme has stood up the test of time robustly.

It is a tricky task to select the perfect wedding theme as there are plenty of them and each of them is equally perfect.

However, the preference of country rustic wedding theme and the elegant wedding invitation has been of particular interest over the past few years.

If you are also planning your wedding anytime soon, it is time you should consider elegant wedding invitations and country rustic wedding theme for your big day.

But before we move ahead, let us give you all a brief yet the precise idea of what is country rustic wedding theme.



What is the country’s rustic wedding theme?

Consider as a timeless wedding theme, the country rustic wedding generally compacts with a strong country as well as a farm-like influence.

Along with that such weddings also have multiple natural textures including bark, and various other organic materials as well as fiber.

If you are planning for a nuptial which is somewhat casual then country rustic weddings are perfect.

To match the casualness of the wedding you could pick perfect elegant wedding invitations.

The country rustic weddings mostly take place in venues such as barns, farms, mountain lodges, and ranches to name a few.

Talking about the wedding décor, it includes natural elements such as wood, wildflowers, burlap, fruits and many more.

Each element compliments your country rustic wedding look.


Rustic wedding decorations that will make your nuptial memorable


Rustic swing for a country rustic wedding

Planning for a country rustic wedding? Then it’s the time you should complement its look with the equally sumptuous display.

The use of a big trellis-turned swing can enhance the beauty of your country’s rustic wedding. You can safely store the sweet treats in here.



 Choose a rustic barn wedding venue

What completes your country rustic wedding?

Yes, an elegant wedding invitation is always there, but there is something more important than that. 

And it is your selection of the rustic barn wedding venue.

The rustic barn wedding venue creates a perfect setting for your rustic-theme wedding. 

When you have a country rustic wedding theme venue, you do not have to spend much on its décor. The natural surroundings would do the rest. 

You should not crowd your wedding venue with unnecessary décor. Just let your surroundings act as your wedding décor.


Style your country rustic wedding with pretty props


The best way you could enjoy your country rustic wedding is by including the perfect props.

The props should be well-chosen according to the theme of your wedding.

Here is the list of some major props which complement your country rustic wedding: hay bales, jam jars, burlap bunting, apple crates, barrels, tree logs, and candles.

Along with all these things you could also include wedding cake stacked on the apple crates in the beautiful Mill Barn

At the time of choosing your elegant wedding invitations, you should include a minimalistic rustic prop symbolism in your wedding cards.


Serve with the home-style cooking

Food is an imperative part of any wedding. You, your relatives, your friends, and your wedding guests always get eager to know what’s cooking for a wedding.

When it comes to a country rustic wedding, taking care of the menu becomes more important.

If you are also planning for a country rustic wedding then you should think of having matching food.

Here’s an idea to spice up your wedding menu. Think about catering to your wedding guests with some old school home-style cooking.

Ask your caterers to cook something lovely, which is also simple yet with the traditional fare which will match with your rustic theme.

There are many caterers who would love to take up this food challenge enthusiastically.

Some of the best options of simple yet country food are mac and cheese, roasted chicken, pasta salads along with freshly baked pieces of bread.

Have matching drinks to complement your food such as lemonade, moonshine, and strawberry wine to throw perfect country rustic wedding inspiration.


Include the charm of raw wood

The touch of wood and its elements are perfect for every country’s rustic wedding.

No matter if you are taking your vows in an exterior area or in an interior area, you should always have a sense of wooden accents to elevate the charm of your country’s rustic wedding.

When you choose your elegant wedding invitation you could give a simplistic yet glorious touch of wood in it.

A rustic looking wedding card could make your wedding guests mesmerized by its beauty.

One of the best ways to give your country rustic wedding a perfect look is by including a natural palette with the raw wood tables & chairs.

In this way, you could create a superior nod to your countryside environment.


 The list of mesmerizing country rustic wedding ideas


  • Use the wood paper to label your reception tables with the matching country style table numbers.


  • Indulge perfectly with a country rustic wedding by including boot-shaped sugar cookies as your homemade wedding favors.


  • Use wildflowers to make whimsical boutonnieres to complement your country rustic wedding.


  • Build a wood arch where you would take your vows and say I Do.


  • Include the succulent escort cards with the combination of green and wood. A matched calligraphy would do wonders.


  • Impress your wedding guests by gifting them the Mason jar cakes. The mini cakes will surely give your guests gorgeous and delicious memories that they can cherish forever.


  • Give your bride a rustic bridal bouquet. You can use the amalgam of shades such as blush blue, green and ivory. The mix of shades will offer you a natural and romantic look.