How innovation and use of technology has transformed Muslim invitation cards?

muslim wedding cards

There are various religions which co-exist and bring unity to the world. But, there is one event which is seen as a joyful event in each and every religion in the world. The name of the event is wedding which is regardless of religion is seen as a colorful event with loads of fun and frolic.

Wedding regardless of caste and religion is a joyful event having an expression of love in it. So, it is compulsory that all marriage invitations should be designed in a attractive way. The Muslim wedding is known as Nikaah and marriage cards are sent out to guests for attending this beautiful event. You can find a large variety of Muslim wedding invitation cards at and each of them are completely exclusive.

Muslim marriage invitations are very traditional and are generally designed keeping in mind the colors and designs which have religious significance in Muslim culture. The Muslim bride and groom can opt for typical designs and colors which suits their wedding theme.

But, the most opted color in Muslim culture is green because this color has deep cultural and religious significance for Muslim people. Some bride and groom nowadays are selecting various other colors like cream, golden and red. At the same time, Muslim people love to express the poetry of the Mughals and Afghans. The invitation cards also carry various old Mughal art designs like intricate patterns, grand designs of peacock feathers, leaves, domes, and gem stones for giving the card a graceful look. Many Muslim marriage invitation cards have quotes and verses from the Holy Quran so that the bride and the groom can live happily together and get the blessings of Allah.

123 muslim wedding cards keeping in mind all the details or features necessary for Muslim wedding invitation cards makes the cards in a beautiful manner. These cards are available in various colors, designs and textures. A set of highly qualified designers regularly upgrade the designs for Muslim wedding cards keeping in mind the recent trend and popularity. The Muslim Wedding Cards by are very attractive and eye-catching.

The various new types of printing technology like embossing, hot foil stamping, calligraphy etc are used for preparing beautiful and impeccable Muslim wedding cards.  It is a known fact that shopping marriage cards online is very beneficial as you can customize them in the best possible way. Hence, if you need cards for a Muslim wedding, get in touch with us because together we can and we will make your event special and elegant.