Discussion Time: How to Decide Kids should be Invited or Not to Your Wedding?

This has been controversial since long whether kids should be invited to weddings or not? While some feel they add a certain kind of magic in the wedding, others feel that they can create whole lot of mess. If you are planning to get married and feel confused if kids should be your wedding guest or not, here are some wedding etiquettes and advice to make a decision.

If you are running low on budget and want to plan a budget friendly wedding, you should definitely not invite little wedding guests as it would be put extra strain on your finances.


Any wedding without children are bliss for all the wedding guests as they can enjoy freely and have fun. In case of destination weddings, couples often want to leave their kids at home and enjoy the wedding without disruption of the children so, if you are planning a destination wedding, don’t worry as how to say no, clearly say no to little guests.


Well, no matter if you want to have no kids at all in your wedding or not, remember as per the traditional wedding etiquettes and advice, you would need few children to be flower girls or ring bearers but, make sure that there are no other kids invited.

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One thing that you definitely need to consider before deciding on little wedding guests is that you should make a whole list of guests to be invited and check the number of kids that would appear in your wedding ceremony with the adult guests. If the number is too much and it would impact your cost a lot, clearly mention on your wedding invite that it is an adult only wedding ceremony.

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Let us tell you one thing very clearly, kids really have the power to add a little more magic to your whimsical day by offering you lots of mischiefs and awesome pictures. If you don’t want to miss any beautiful picture for your wedding, make sure that you invite the little ones too. If that could hit hard on your pockets, you can cut-short your adult wedding guest list.



While doing your wedding planning, you always make a list of guests to be invited and most of them are very well known to you. Remember, if you plan to invite the child of one particular family and ignore the other one, if would leave an everlasting bad impact on your relationship. Be sorted as who needs to be invited and how to make sure that it does not results into adverse effects.

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Whether your wedding planning allow you to invite little wedding guests or not, remember you should have enough arrangements for entertaining your guests as this would keep them busy and engaged and they would love you for this.