Is there any other occasion where you carry a whole bunch of flowers while everyone else is looking at you in admiration? Well, you know the answer and that’s why your bridal bouquet needs to the best wedding inspiration and you cannot take it for granted. However, there is no ideal wedding how to guide available to choose an awesome bridal bouquet. So, what could be done? Well, we are here for your rescues and here are our ideas as how to choose your bridal bouquet.

Always Try to Match your Flowers  the Wedding  Dress

matching bridal bouquet with the dress

blue bridal wedding bouquet

Before meeting the florist to decide on your bouquet, choose your dress. Yes, it would help you to picture if the design and colour of your bouquet will compliment your wedding dress or not.

Be Careful with The Shape and Size of Bridal Bouquet

red wedding bridal bouquet

Trailing bouquet look great but, will it match your dress? Choose the shape and size of bouquet carefully to add a dramatic flair in your overall look. Your bouquet should not be too big that can hide your waist. Your bouquet should not be too big to hide any of your beautiful details.

Find the Best Flowers According to Season

fall wedding bridal bouquet

When it comes to wedding how to related to any detail, you always consider your budget. In the case of bridal bouquet also, you should check if any of your requirement hits hard on your pocket. Seasonal flowers are easily available and cheap so, choose only seasonal flowers for your bouquet.

Add the Personal Flair

give a personal touch with brooch

add a personal touch with heirloom

Some flowers do have personal significance to either you or your loved ones. If this is the case with you too, try to incorporate those flowers in your bouquet too. You can also add family heirloom in it to make it more amazing.

Check your Comfort Level First


Do you know that you have to carry your bridal bouquet all day long? If yes then you have to pay extra focus on how to choose your bridal bouquet as it could be really tiring. Chose a light-weight bouquet that you can carry easily and that does not look awkward in any sense.

Hold it Right

wedding bouquet according to season

With the wedding inspirations on how to choose your bridal bouquet, you should also learn how to hold your bouquet to get the best pictures for your wedding album. Hold your bouquet in one hand just below the hip and away from your dress, this would help you get the best clicks without troubling you at all.

Keep your Bouquet Fresh

wedding bouquet

A hand tied bouquet is a great choice as it is often easy to refresh it. For this, you can ask your friends to cut an inch or two of stem and pop it into water so that it look great in the reception too.