For everyone wedding is a lifetime event but sometimes we overlook the impact it creates on environment leading to wastage and pollution on mother earth. Isn’t it…Scary? So, what you think can be make and have a green, environment friendly marriage filled with lots of happiness and glee. Time has come and the good news is you can do it. Let’s ponder on some key issues which we can overcome to make it green.

Let’s consider one of the biggest environments impacting part of wedding; I think it is the travelling issue, as nowadays relatives and guests are scattered all across the globe and who travel a lot to assemble at your wedding, so always choose a venue which is close to you and your relatives as it saves time and cost further leading to less wastage of fuel.

Another important barrier in environment friendly marriage is food wastage, which leads to lot of pollution and restricts to have a green wedding. As we all know marriage celebrations create a ridiculous amount of waste and all goes into a trash bin. When that trash collecting truck comes and when the garbage is on, we never think again about it.

Here the main problem starts, so we need to rethink while selecting a food menu for marriage celebration. The perfect place is your marriage to change this attitude of wasting lot of food. It not only helps you start your married life with healthier dumping habits but also educates your guests too. This habit in long run will not help in reducing the budget of the matrimonial ceremony but will also reduce environmental pollution.

Green wedding

Another part of leading to wastage can be decoration material used for creating the stage and decorating the venue. We usually choose vendors from different state, sometimes from different country which creates lot of confusion for the outstation vendor to see the venue and materials in accordance with it. So always choose a local florist and decoration team who prefer local flowers and give more importance to decoration rather than on wastage of flowers and decoration materials.

While planning a wedding bride gives most stress on designing a dress which is unique and classy which further leads to become more time consuming process. As bride you can have lot of options for dress making and styling. If you want a custom dress, you can have it made with sustainable materials which can be made from organic cotton and hemp.  Another important factor to be kept in mind is ……..