Halloween and the haunting fun is something everybody enjoys the most. Whether you are throwing a Halloween wedding or you are Halloween reception, the idea of making your wedding ceremonies drenched in the colors of horror is something special.Through Halloween wedding destinations you can experience the eerie phenomena for yourself.

There are so many factors through which you can make your Halloween wedding worth haunting, one of the most important factors is the Halloween wedding destinations.

We bring a list of haunting venues for all the to be wed couples where you do not have to compromise beauty and style and have a great party space.

The couples who love to watch scary movies, prefer to go on ghost tours, and love to hide under covers while things go bump in the night, the below mentioned beautiful Halloween wedding destinations will prove a perfect choice for you.
These Halloween wedding destinations will surely leave your guests with goosebumps.


1. Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

Halloween Wedding Destinations

You must be wondering why this Halloween wedding destination is haunting, so here’s the secret. It is believed that the ghost of F.O Stanley, the original owner of this hotel is said to play piano in the music room.

The story doesn’t end here, it is also believed that his wife Flora, frequently visits the billiard room and lobby. Make sure to stay cautious from room number 408, the guests in the hotel often claimed to hear children outside their door, but no one is there.

Prepare Halloween holiday cards and mention the eerie elements of this hotel in it, and you can elevate the experience of your guests.

2. Historic Anchorage Hotel, in Anchorage, Alaska

Here’s another eerie Halloween wedding destination for couples who are looking for a thrilling wedding. The Historic Anchorage Hotel does not hide its haunted stories.

On their website, they have written that it is a place “where ghosts are more than just stories.” If you believe then, here you can see pictures flying off of the walls, the shower curtains sway without a breeze, and specters moving through the halls.

These are some of the few mysterious occurrences that will make your wedding a memorable one.

According to history, Anchorage’s first chief police officer, John J. who also known as “Black Jack” was found shot in the back by his gun in the year 1921.
But don’t let his haunting drive the fun away. Do enjoy the amazing history and stunning detail of this excellent Halloween wedding destination.

3. Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island

Halloween Wedding Destinations

The Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island is worth a Halloween wedding destination where you can experience the eeriness of the gothic era. You can also order your holiday cards on the same theme

However, there is an oak paneling and library with four secret passages. The castle is compact with some pricy art.

But don’t sway away with the beauty of the artwork. It is believed that the castle’s antiques are said to be haunted. Just think about a screaming suit of armor and a hunted monk carving.

There are beautiful gates of Belcourt Castle, and these gates can set up a regal tone for your wedding. The place is quite spacious and you can hold a candlelight reception for up to 250 guests it’s a marvelous gothic ballroom. Listed among the amazing Halloween wedding destinations, this castle originates 13th century stained glass.

4. Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona

Here’s an interesting choice for the Halloween couples to celebrate their big day. Big Nose Kate’s Saloon is compact with the bells and whistles that will make your day feel like the real thing.

The saloon was constructed in the 1800s, and it sits in the present-day ghost town of Tombstone, Arizona. Did you know that it was once a popular hotel which was visited by the likes of Doc Holliday and Ike Clanton? The saloon is now the infamous haunt of miners and cowboys.

Let us tell you a haunting fact, there’s one spirit—known as the “Swamper”— it is an old miner who hid his silver in the saloon and it is believed that it still lurks in the hallways and basements to protect it.

People who visited the hotel claimed that they have seen the ghost of the Cowboy standing in doorways, knocking over cases of beer, or grabbing a drink at the bar.
Many visitors claimed that they have seen the ghosts in the pictures.

5. The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis Missouri

This is one of the oldest mansions situated in Missouri, and it is attached with many haunting elements, which make it the best choice for Halloween wedding destinations.
The history of the Lemp Mansion dates back to 18060 when this place was established. It is believed that the original Lemps, the owners – haunt this place. They were the famous brewing family in Missouri.

The mansion has a sad history attached to it. People say that the Lemps were struck with multiple tragedies when Fredrick Lemp died because of some mysterious mishappening and the place has seen various suicides followed the death of Fredrick Lemp.

. You can arrange your wedding dinner where you can enjoy first-hand painted ceilings, along with Italian marble, and carved mahogany mantel.

Don’t let the pandemic take the fun out of your Halloween weddings

Here are some of the major precautions you must perform to avoid the ill-effects of covid-19.

  • Always keep your hands clean and sanitize. You can use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Try to keep yourself at distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing at the Halloween wedding destinations.
  • Prepare and wear Halloween themed masks, it helps you at the time when physical distancing is not possible.
  • Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • If you feel like sneezing, you can cover your nose and mouth with a bent elbow or a tissue.
  • Try to be at the Halloween wedding destinations if you feel unwell. Stay at home.
    Directly seek medical assistance if you have fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing.