Should I or should I not? Will it be a ‘Yes’? What if she says ‘No’? Gosh! I am scared.

We Know, We know. You all are going through this trauma with the ongoing Valentine’s Week. You love ‘her’ like crazy and now you are desperate to propose ‘her’ soon. But, you don’t know that perfect Valentine proposal idea, which she won’t be able to deny. No Worries! Take inspirations from your favourite acclaimed celebrities. Confused? Ok, let us simplify more. All of us have some or the other renowned celebrity as our role model, which inspires us to do a lot of things. Thanks heavens! Finally, you got it. Yes, when we can take inspirations for other things, why not for the Valentine’s Proposal idea? Sounds perfect? yes, we have summed up five beautiful, romantic love tales of the celebrities to inspire you.


Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky

beth stern-howard stern- IndianWeddingCards

The love story of Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky is one of our favourites. The American radio and television personality, Howard Stern fell for the American leggy blonde actress-Beth Ostrosky soon after their first meeting. But, it was only on 14th February 2007 that Howard proposed marriage to Beth. How? Well, it was an expensive deal. To propose Beth for marriage, Howard took the help of a 5.2 carat emerald-cut engagement ring, which almost cost him a fortune. Well, we know you are not a celebrity and most of you cannot afford that much. But, you can propose your ‘lady love’ with a small yet cute diamond ring. And trust us, girls can never say ‘no’ to a diamond.


Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga


Soon to be man and wife, Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga first met during the shoot of Gaga’s ‘You and I’ music video in 2011. After dating for more than three years, the American actor decided to propose the American singing sensation on Valentine’s Day 2015. To make his Valentine’s Proposal special, Taylor got down on one knee in Manhattan, New York with a ‘Ring pop’. We can hear you say, you are kidding, just a ‘ring pop’. Yeah! It was just enough to convince Lady Gaga. And the best part, it was snowing in Manhattan at that time. Highly romantic! You can also use your ‘sense of humour’ to impress your girl this Valentine Day 2016. If your girl loves cute little things and loves to laugh, you can try anything from a ‘Ring pop’ to ‘funny parking notes’. And, we bet you this will do the trick.

Did we forget to mention that Taylor later pulled out the heart-shaped diamond for Lady Gaga?


George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin


What a perfect planning? One beautiful evening in 2014, George invited Amal for a romantic dinner at his home in LA. And, you name just one girl who doesn’t want his man to cook for her. We know none. So after offering a self-cooked yummy dinner to Amal, George got down on one knee to propose her with a 7-carat diamond ring. Was it food or the diamond, which did the magic? Well, we guess it was the food. Amal accepted George’s romantic proposal. This Valentine’s week learn to cook, and then prepare yummy dinner for ‘her’ this Valentine’s Day to make ‘her’ yours forever.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Blindfolding the girl and taking her to a baseball field for the mystery to unfold. Is it sounding like a jigsaw puzzle? But, this is what the American rapper; Kanye West did with Kim Kardashian to propose her. On their incredible night, Kanye blindfolded Kim and then took her to AT&T Park in San Francisco. Their arrival was followed by the cheers of a crowd from the sound system and the sound of the crack of a bat, and then came the fireworks and lights. In the middle of the field, Kanye got down on one knee and it was just then the Jumbotron flashed the message of ‘PLEASE MARRY MEEE!!’ The proposal was not entirely personal; it was attended by the friends and family. Maybe you cannot rent a baseball field. But, rest all the things could be kept same with a different location. Try this. This Valentine’s Proposal won’t fail you at all.


Kate and Prince William


Raise your hand, if you don’t know the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. All of you know that. Great! Okay, now tell us who don’t know William’s proposal to Kate? Just a few of you know that. It’s alright! We are here to tell you that. Prince took away Kate from the opulence of the Royal residences. It was in an isolated Spartan Rutundu log cabin in Kenya, where William summed up the courage to ask Kate for marriage. The place had no electricity, water or food. Still, it had lots of love. Kate said ‘Yes’ to the man of her life. Getting inspiration from the William’s proposal, you can take your ‘girl’ away from the mundane crowd in order to propose her. Every girl wants to be with her man alone. So, it will definitely help you.

These were the most fascinating love stories and Valentine’s proposal of all time. You can either try these or you can take inspirations from your own favourite celebrities for the most perfect Valentine’s proposal. Wish you all the luck!!