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south indian wedding cards, South indian wedding invitations

South Indian wedding celebrations have a strong cultural backdrop that is enormously colorful and filled with happiness. Everything about the marriage has a unique taste which is quite different from the North. From jewelry to dressing the Southern patterns have a style of their own. At the same time, the wedding invitation card used in South Indian wedding card is totally different from the other culture and religion. The shape, size, texture and even the symbols differ from the cards used by the North Indian people.

In South Indian wedding, special importance is given to religious traditions and rituals. The whole atmosphere is very pious and holy. The whole decoration of the wedding venue is done with leaves and flowers. The wedding dress of the bride and groom along with their family members is highly traditional and involves colors like white and yellow.

At the same time, the wedding invitation card used in South Indian wedding ceremony is very colorful and it is usually made in yellow and red color. The symbol of God Tirupati and Lord Balaji is placed on the front of the wedding invitation card. The designs used in south Indian consists of mango leaves, peacock feather and many more. The cards are the refection of their culture and tradition. The invitation cards are prepared in various languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and many more. So, if you are looking for beautiful South wedding invitations, then here is the place to consider for buying and the best place is

IWC south indian wedding cards, South indian wedding invitations

This portal offers highly customizable invitation cards to suit your requirement or theme, to give perfect grace to your marriage style. At the same time, cards are available in broad range of designs and rich colors to match to your requirement.  While choosing an invitation card you must keep in mind the quality of paper, the type of printing technique and price to match your marriage budget.

IWC 1south indian wedding cards, South indian wedding invitations

You can order invitation cards in any language like Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil and so on. It helps in choosing a particular card as per your wedding theme to create a distinctive look of the various ceremonies. As we know wordings play a very important role in giving the final look to the marriage invitation cards, it not only can be printed in your choice of language but also with religious symbol as per your religion. At the same time you can also select matching add on cards like Thank You cards, RSVP Cards etc. designed as per your preference and need to match your marriage theme.  So, come and unfurl the amazing world of beautifully designed South Indian wedding cards.