Get Sizzling ‘Pre-Wedding Photographs’ with simple props!

Pre Wedding Shoot

If you want to have the most memorable pictures with your soul mate, it is seriously advisable that you should consider Pre-wedding photography shoot for yourself. After all, the time just before the wedding is the most romantic and dreamy one and it is pretty sure that you can get the most exclusive and cute clicks. While the location makes a whole lot of difference, these fascinating and fun props will lift your pics to a next level altogether.

The Pet Lovers


With your dear pets, you can get the loveliest and cutest pictures and we are pretty sure that you love your pets as much as your ‘would be partner’. So, make them a part of your pre-wedding shoot and induce overloaded cuteness in your pictures.


Wedding Baloons

Couple wedding shoot with balloons is something to really die for. Colorful balloons in different shapes and sizes allow you to have an abundance of variation in your pictures. The most fanciful images will be cherished for a lifetime.



Weddings do have lots of flowers and why not, they are one of the most beautiful natural things and everyone loves them. These lovely flowers can help you to get the most whimsical photographs that will make everyone awe for them.



This one is our personal favorite and completely in trend these days. And why not, you have all the right to use your creative mind and write anything on these for fun unlimited.



We are pretty sure that you must have played a great deal with bubbles in your childhood and you still love them. It will bring the entire fun factor in your couple wedding shoot and you will simply love them even more.



This one is our second favorite with the entire sparkling and colorful feel. Multiple poses and shots are so easy to achieve with these. You would love all the shots with confetti as a prop.



One of the most adored prop for wedding photo booth is frame and you can use this super wisely in your Pre wedding photography also. Make sure that you decorate the frame too well and you also have all the option to write something romantic on these frames.



Your ‘sheer dupatta photographs’ will inspire others to use dupatta as the prop for their shoot. This prop can give you the most adorable and cute pictures in your pre-wedding photo-shoot.



If you have planned color wedding theme for your marriage, colors will give you perfect wedding theme photography shots. The drama of colors will help you in the most stunning shots for a lifetime memory.

String Letters

There is so much you can do with this prop. You can use a rope to string letters together for your wedding date, love quotes, your names and various other lovely things to grab the most amazing pictures for yourself.