Seasonal Wedding Color Trends 2016

Beautiful colors in the world make life cheerful for all of us. And, we all blend these color palettes in every facet of our life to make everything cheerful. When we say every facet of life; we literally mean ‘every facet of life’ even the weddings. In weddings, everyone tries to find the latest wedding color trends but, they often forget that the beauty of these wedding colors will intensify if they are selected according to the season.

Seasonal Wedding Color Trends 2016 - IndianWeddingCards

Spring Wedding Colors

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year that brings joy to the whole world.  To match up the aura of this amazing season, the Trending Wedding Color Schemes should be calming, soothing and contrasting. You can try the buttercup shade that has a shining zeal, happier and sunnier touch. This beautiful shade can be blended with purple and lavender shades for a perfect match.

Spring Wedding Colors 2016 - IndianWeddingCards

Summer Wedding Colors

If you are about to get married in the summer season, you must be looking for the perfect wedding color combos. Luckily for summer weddings, there are various beautiful color combinations available. However, the most amazing one is the combination of Coral shade with raspberry and merlot. These beautiful shades in a right proportion can give a bold and pop feel to your dream wedding.

Summer WWedding Colors 2016 - IndianWeddingCards

Rainy Wedding Colors

This beautiful and romantic season is one of the most favorite seasons for loving couples to get married. Everything in this season seems highly romantic that makes it necessary for you to select the best Seasonal Wedding Color Trends 2016. The best shades for this season are mocha, latte, chocolate brown, rust orange, burgundy, gold and hunter green. The best color combination will be to mix and match rust orange, burgundy and chocolate brown shade for an amazing feel in your wedding.

Rainy Wedding Colors 2016 - IndianWeddingCards

Autumn Wedding Colors

If you are looking for a Perfect Wedding Color Palette for your autumn wedding, you will be amazed to see the exquisite combination of peach and green shades. Let peach be the base color for your wedding color combination. Blend this beautiful shade with soft sage shades for a completely different and unique wedding color idea for your big day.

Autumn Wedding Colors 2016 - IndianWeddingCards

Winter Wedding Colors

This time of the year is the perfect time to get married. Most of the people prefer this season for the cool vibes it gives. You can add some romantic fabrics, amazing decoration, classy lighting and Trending Wedding Color Schemes in your wedding. One such astonishing color combination is ice blue, red, silver and green shade. This amazing combination will work wonders for your winter season wedding.

Winter Wedding Colors 2016 - IndianWeddingCards