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The holy Quran says, “No house has been built in Islam more beloved in the sight of Allah than through marriage.” Add a trendy touch to your traditional Nikah with these Muslim wedding cards.

NikaahNamah (Marriage Certificate)

According to Muslim culture and traditional norms, wedding is not just a coming together of two different souls but it also involves a mutual agreement of trust and respect with two different families. ‘Nikaah’ or the wedding is an auspicious event and is conducted according to the instructions laid by the holy Quran. “NikaahNamah’ is usually read before the couple is finally declared as being married.

Muslim Wedding Rituals

Muslim Wedding Cards

Weddings, do hold a special place in the Islam and so does Royal Muslim Wedding Invitations. Right from the ancient times, designs and patterns have been given a prominent importance during the Mughal era. That craze for subtle yet royal and sophisticated artwork has remained alive even after years of development. Exclusive and intricate patterns are commonly visible throughout the Muslim wedding invitations. As far as the choice of colors is considered; green, golden, red and cream are the most preferred colors. (No stereotyping of course, this is what the sales suggests) There are a few couples who prefers experimenting with shades and they settle with colors which are not so cliched. Different people, different tastes and we respect them all!

Islamic Cards

Islamic Wedding Cards

After colors, let’s talk about the paper type. In most of the cases, handmade papers, satin, silk and velvet are used to add a magnificent touch to the wedding invite. You can go for a scroll wedding card or a paisley themed wedding card. These designs not only add extra dose of glamour to the wedding cards but, also with an affordable pricing they fit nicely in the budget.


Also, a great emphasis is given to wedding symbols. Prime symbols used in an Islamic wedding cards are-

  • Star and Crescent – The symbol was adopted during the spread of Islam. This symbol signifies a complete faith in Allah and his decisions. This symbol is also used to seek for Allah’s blessings before starting a new phase of life- marriage.
  • Allah- This symbol speaks of purity, faith and blessings. Almost every Islamic wedding card carries a symbol that signifies ‘Allah’. After all, presence of such pristine elements on a wedding card makes the event even more fortunate and joyous.
  • Bismillah- Bismillah primarily means, ‘In the name of Allah’. This symbol portrays the special relationship that every Muslim has with the Allah. This is often drawn in beautiful calligraphy so as to pay a tribute to the almighty for all that he has bestowed.
  • Rose- Rose symbolizes love. There’s no such specification as to why rose in Muslim wedding cards? This is just a common observation based on the customers preferences. The symbol has been loved and preferred internationally for sending a Muslim wedding cards.

Muslim Wedding Cards

Now, mentioned below is an example of wedding wordings used commonly in an Islamic Wedding Card-

“In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most forgiving.

Allah has planned their marriage in heaven and it is time for us to celebrate it on Earth.

The families of …….. and ……. Invite you to share the joys of the wedding of their children

…… and ….

On……. At……..”

We hope the details would help you in ordering a perfect Muslim wedding card.